The first trip I took on my year out was to my favorite place in the world,  Dubai ♥ 

I went with my best friend and we had a blast! But there was only one was way too short. Before you know it, I was back to selling overpriced skin products and smashing my targets so that I could fund more trips.

It was only two months of working like a donkey until I was ready to jet off again for my first ever solo trip to Phuket, Thailand. I was dead set on getting away for my birthday *April 24th peeps mark it in your diaries* and nothing was about to stop me.


Heyyy! I'm Renée-Louise, but most people call me Renée. I'm a 23 year old wanderlust, hustler and risk-taker.


On July 17th 2019, I graduated with my degree in Economics from the University of Leicester, but the journey wasn't all that straightforward.


While at University, I lost sight of why I was doing my degree in the first place, which resulted in me taking a gap year in 2017.


On my gap year, I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to do, but all I did know, was that I was GOING to travel.


Like I said, I'm a hustler... so I found a sales consulting  job within a week of finding out that I wouldn't be returning to University and worked my a** off  to fund my escapes for that year out!



When I finally told my family and colleagues about where I was off to and that I would be going solo, they all seem very worried and told me to be careful etc, but honestly I was more excited than anything.

My first solo trip turned out to be a huge success and left me wondering why so many are misinformed on the benefits of solo travel and travel in general?


So, I made it my mission to start up Passport Pages blog to empower people through the gift of travel. Sharing my true stories, travel tips and travel guides to equip my readers with the confidence to go ahead and take that trip, with or without anyone...and the rest was history!

It's safe to say that once you go solo, It's difficult to revert back. Since my Thailand trip, I became a lot more confident traveling solo, which meant that I was able to travel way more often! 


For the rest of my gap year, I spent time taking solo trips around the world as and when I could, documenting my travels as I go and loving every moment of sharing my journey and travel knowledge with the world!


Join me on my quest to travel to all the countries in the world by 30!




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