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Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Although I enjoy travelling with my family, friends or even bae. I've come to the conclusion that nothing beats travelling solo.

Whenever I speak to people who aren't used to travelling solo, they always think it's a brave thing to do, but I just think it's necessary.

I used to be someone that ALWAYS needed company and didn't like being alone... until one day, I heard something along the lines of "If you always need to be around people and don't enjoy being alone it's because you can't stand yourself" I don't know why, but I never forgot that. It hit me hard.

I thought... wow, so do I hate spending time with myself because I hate myself? I was so scared by the thought of subconsciously hating myself that I started forcefully spending time alone.

In the beginning, I absolutely hated it, but after some time I got used to it and started LOVING it. So much so that I booked my first solo trip half way across the world to Thailand, followed by another to Doha, with plans to do many more solo trips. Read on to see the reasons why I prefer solo travel and why you should try it too!

1. Get your money's worth

When you travel solo you don't have to compromise your time. You can structure your day the exact way you want to to ensure you get your money's worth

2. It's actually easier to make new friends

You can meet new like-minded people and actually have enough time to get to know them. Some of the most life-changing conversations I've ever had have been with complete strangers on holiday. When you actually listen and filter out all the background noise you can learn so much.

3. Improves your self-confidence.

Travelling alone means you have to make a lot more decisions by yourself without relying on anyone else, so it's no wonder after a solo trip you become more assertive, decisive and confident.

4. No annoying habits to put up with

You know that saying 'not every friend is your travel friend'? It's true! That goes for family too by the way.

5. Self discovery

You learn waaay more about yourself and find out how amazing (or not so amazing) you are and what you can do to improve! You have time to learn about what you like and don't like without the input of a companion.

6. Plan and plot in peace

You are able to plan your next steps in silence without all the background noise and some beautiful scenery to help with your creative direction. It's refeshing and you don't know what could inspire your next big idea whilst on your travels

7. Spending time with God

If you're religious, it's the perfect time to spend alone with God too. I remember on the crossover to my birthday In Thailand I spent time in my hotel room singing praise and worship. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world at that moment and so the praise really brought me to tears!

8. Greater connection with your surroundings

You have a greater awareness of your surroundings and feel more connected. This is the best way to learn new things, explore different cultures in depth and get inspired.

9. Romance

You may even find romance, especially when your friend that has very different taste to you isn't putting you off that average looking joe that chatted you up on a day out, so you have the freedom give it a shot and form your own opinion.

10. Freedom, 100% FREEDOM!

Ultimately, the freedom you have when travelling alone to do what really makes you happy, be completely yourself and away from anything or anyone that evokes negative emotions is really a gold mine.

If you haven't already tried solo travel... What are you waiting for?