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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

If you‘ve been following my journey on Twitter and Instagram (where I post live updates of my trips), then you’ll know that I have been travelling Bali for the last week and a half.

I’m here altogether for three weeks and have been totally blown away by a lot of the things here and left wondering why I didn’t visit sooner?!

I’ve decided to write a blog post on the reasons to visit Bali in 2019, to inspire and encourage you to travel to Bali, Indonesia. So let’s jump straight into it.

1. Great weather

There’s no doubt that many people visit Bali, Indonesia to enjoy the warm weather and sunny climate... I mean, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to visit anyway.

The weather in Bali is on average 27 degrees around this time of year. It fluctuates slightly throughout the year but remains at an all time high in the month of May, where the temperature is on average 82°F (28°C).

Note: The wettest and coldest month to visit Bali is in January where temperatures go to about 26° and 90mm of rain falls.

2. Sunset views

This is my friend and I watching the sunset in Bali at Dreamlamd Beach. A truly magical experience.

Besides the stunning weather in Bali, another reason to visit is to witness the b-e-a-uutiful sunset views throughout the province.

There are a plethora of locations to watch the sun go down in Bali. From beach clubs and beaches, to mountains, cliffs and jungles. You’re bound to get an exclusive look into the sky and have a chance to capture some fantastic footage.

3. Fashion

If you don’t know, now you know... Bali has amazing clothes, shoes and bags at negotiable and affordable prices.

I have been shopping like a crazy woman since day one of arriving in Bali, after seeing their range of fashion items.

You’re likely to see a lot of crochet, tie-dye and woven fabrics here, as well as Aztec prints and much more. Most fashion items here are pretty unique in my opinion and it’s definitely a place to shop til‘ you drop...no seriously, I’ve been shopping every day until I’m physically exhausted. It’s super fun!

4. “Instagrammable” locations

Pretty much everywhere in Bali could be classified as an instagrammable location. From the restaurants, to the beaches to the rice fields and terrances, to even the streets of Bali... you’re sure to be overwhelmed with gorgeous backdrops for your pictures.

It almost feels like Bali was designed for Instagrammers. At my cooking class today, I noticed that some tourists actually feel as though Bali has become quite crowded because of this particular attraction.

Nevertheless, do not let that deter you from getting your perfect shots in for your Instagram and maybe even to show your kids in the future... because the photo opportunities here and endless and the spots truly breathtaking.

5. Traveller hotspot

Bali has recently become a traveller hotspot especially since a lot of Popular instagrammers and YouTubers have visited and even resided for a while, whilst broadcasting their time in paradise.

The main popular bloggers that spring to mind include; PassportHeavy, LostLeBlabc and MaryJaneByArm which are by the way some of my favourite travel channels on YouTube.

You will find a lot of travellers across Bali, however, Canggu remains the digital nomads hotspot. There are plenty of beaches as well as workspaces for the nomads to live their best work-and-play lives. Not to mention the many party strips, we’ll get into that in another post.

Tip: Get talking with people, you have no idea who you could run into that could give you some amazing tips on taking your blog/website to new heights.

6. Cheap accommodation

One of the amazing things about Bali is that not only is the accommodation beautiful here, but the majority of places to stay are also very affordable!

You can find great AirBnb’s, home-stays, or even hotel stays for less than £20 per night and still manage to get a pretty neat room with your own bathroom. You wouldn’t find that in the UK, the most £20 will get you is a hostel that probably looks like this :

7. Great food

If you’re into trying different cuisines, then you would absolutely LOVE Balinese food. I’m usually quite picky but I must say, every single dish that I’ve tried in Bali hasn’t disappointed at all.

Some places even make the food in front of you to your liking which is even better, because I enjoy spicy foods so I always request extra spice.

I enjoy Balinese food so much that I actually took a cooking class to learn how to make it and boy, was the food top notch. I even got a recipe book to take away so that I can reinvent the same tasty dishes when back home!

8. Country-hop

Bali is located in Indonesia, which is in South-East Asia and has a number of neighbouring countries, that are really affordable to get to. These include; Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and more.

This is ideal for travellers with a bigger budget that want to cover more ground while travelling in South-East Asia. If you’re organised and plan properly, you can actually visit more than three countries in one trip!

9. Travel within Bali

Within Bali, there are several different places to visit, each place has its own vibe and attractions which could make you feel like you’re in a new country. Some popular destinations within the Bali province include:

  • Canggu

  • Uluwatu

  • Kuta

  • Ubud

  • Gili Islands

  • Nusa Penida

  • Seminyak

Tip: If you want to get to experience these different provinces, then make sure that you stay in Bali for longer than a week. It can get pretty exhausting travelling and moving locations every single day due to lack of time.

10. Beaches

Besides the beautiful sunsets in Bali, there are a plethora of beaches to choose from in each area.

Undoubtedly the best beaches in Bali are located in Kuta, Canggu and Seminyak, as well as on some of the islands like Gili.

Visiting a beach in Bali is a perfect way to spend the sunlight hours of your day, relaxing, swimming, eating and drinking cocktails.

12. Affordable transport

One of my favourite things about Bali is that there is a range of different transport available all the time for locals and tourists.

From motor taxi’s, to normal taxi’s and tour guides trying to make an extra buck, you’re unlikely to ever get stuck while out and about trying to get from A to B.

What‘s even better, is that you can always negotiate your fare with the drivers. If you’re a confident haggler/negotiator, then you can almost always cut the price in less than half If what the driver initially quotes you for your trip.

Tip: The taxi’s and transport drivers in Bali can sometimes charge extortionate prices for your trips due to your lack of knowledge on the area as a tourist. ALWAYS negotiate. (Haggling tips coming soon to the blog, subscribe).

13. Friendly and respectful people

Came across this beautiful lady that worked at Red Carpet bar and club in Canggu. She was so bubbly and friendly 💕

Last, but not least, the majority of Balinese locals are extremely welcoming and friendly. The moment I got out of the airport I sensed good vibes from the province and with each encounter that I had, I wasn’t let down.

The people just seem genuinely happy with a great attitude nearly all of the time and that energy is contagious. It makes the vacation so much better when the people are friendly and kind to everyone visiting.

I’m sure that there are way more reasons to visit Bali, but after being here for nearly two weeks, this is what I have noticed and appreciated about the province the most.

Please don’t hesitate to comment, tweet or contact me about any reasons I might‘ve missed out. Let’s all learn from each other. Thanks for reading!