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With the kind of travel content that you see online these days, you’d think that travellers never have any real problems!

I'll be writing this blog post to let you know that it's not always all glitz and glam. There are quite a few L's (losses) that are taken behind the scenes as a traveler that aren't broadcasted as much as the glittery good stuff.

Losses are unfortunate, but also have been instrumental in teaching me a lot about travel. There's so much to learn so you're bound to get it wrong a few times.

Disclaimer: -These are just my experiences while travelling and not everyone would've encountered these kind of losses.

1. Threw away a whole suitcase of my possessions

Don't even ask me how. But, I somehow thought it was okay to travel with excess luggage. I brought along 2 massive suitcases and had a budget of £250 to pay for the excess to get onto my flight (£250 budget with no prior research, what the hell was I thinking?) Once I arrived, I was told it would cost me around £450 for my excess luggage. I nearly fainted. £450 for what? That cost around the same as flying a human body to another country. So I said it's ok.. and threw away most of my possessions. This included my lovely Timberland boots, bags, heels, jeans, cute outfits. I mean, if I packed it I like it so it was one of the hardest things I had to do. Still recovering from this L, but life goes on...

2. Card swallowed on a solo trip

My card was swallowed when I was in Thailand on my ultimate solo trip. This was a little scary seeing as I was by myself and had no one else to rely on. Thankfully, I had just enough to get back to my hotel from Patong market where it was swallowed and I had only one day left in Thailand. Tip:- When travelling solo, it's best to pay for most things upfront before travelling to your destination. -Even though I lost my card, I had already booked half board at my resort , so didn't have to pay for food daily. -I also booked my transport that would be taking me back to the airport once my trip was done.-Always inform your bank that you will be travelling so they are not alarmed if they see a transaction in a strange country.

3. Wigs

As crazy as it sounds, I've lost nearly all my wigs while on my travels. I think that's down to pure carelessness to be honest. I usually like to switch between wearing my natural hair and wearing my wigs... and by the end of the trip I have no idea where I've put my wig. That's why I now wear braids instead because it's less stressful.

4. Money

This has been lost in so many ways when travelling. One example is when I spent money on alcohol at duty free in Doha, only for it to be seized upon arrival because I wasn’t aware of the rules in Doha.

5. Bonds

This is something I’m sure nearly every serial traveler can relate to. If you move around a lot, you find that there’s never really much quality time spent with the ones you love. Even when there is, the time is very limited because your next flight is just around the corner and you want to spend a little time with everyone. So, it's pretty short.

Personally, I've noticed that travelling a lot has made it difficult to develop and maintain bonds, since you're never really around. Read more here.

6. Camera

The vlogging camera that I use for vlogging my travels ended up getting water damaged, when I was filming some swimming content. I think it's about time that I get a Go-pro to be honest, because oit wasn't fun filming on my iphone for the rest of my trip!

7. iPhone

It seems that I experience bad luck anytime I decide to bring any piece of technology onto the water. I was jetski-ing in Dubai in 2016 and believed the tour guide when he said there was a safe compartment for my phone. Let's just say he was wrong and I ended up phone-less for the rest of the trip.

I'm in no way complaining, because I'd take these losses over and over again if it meant that I get to experience all the things I have on my travels a second time. l just wanted to shed some light on the realities of travelling because It's not always all gravy.

In order to be a successful solo traveler, you have to be able to deal with losses by moving on very quickly, using it as a learning curve and turning lemons into lemonade.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a big heart if you enjoyed this post <3

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