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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Not all serial travellers that always seem to be out of the country are unemployed. There are in fact some jobs out there that let you travel without the “keep it short, or get fired” worry.

This blog post will cover all of the best career choices to make, for you to not only make some cool cash, but also live travel-filled and adventurous lives.

1. Working on a cruise ship

There are tonnes of opportunities if you decide to work on a cruise ship. You can do anything from hospitality, to administration and even operational work. This serves as a great way to earn some great money and never really spend it, since you’re usually on the move for approximately 6-12 months at a time.


  • Travel the world

  • Save heaps of money

  • Free accommodation

  • Free food

  • Meet travellers

  • Untaxed income


  • Always on the move

  • Could be away from family and friends for a long time

2. Flight attendant

This is a pretty obvious one that has become a lot more popular in recent years due to the travel perks involved.

This is basically a hospitality job, but in the air. It requires you to attend a flight and ensure that passengers are well informed about safety measures, as well as ensuring that a flight from

A to B runs smoothly.


  • Get paid to visit multiple countries

  • Meet travellers as colleagues

  • Get your country count up

  • Various travel perks depending on the company you work with

  • Spend the night in a hotel for long haul flights and get a chance to explore


  • Just like any other hospitality job there may be annoying customers

  • Must remain smiley with a good attitude at all times

  • Must look presentable on board 24/7

  • Must maintain tidy aircraft - including toilets!

3. Working remotely

Working remotely is becoming increasingly popular. This basically involves any job or work that allows you to be location-independent. A lot of job roles are now offering working from home options to cater to the needs of their employees, which is allowing more workers the flexibility to travel when they work remotely.


  • Ability to travel

  • Work wherever you want

  • Manage your workload


  • Limited number of jobs that offer this on a long-term basis

  • Depending on the role, the workload can still be quite significant which could defeat the purpose of travelling

4. Digital nomad

Definition : Digital nomads are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job.The digital nomad lifestyle was made possible through a number of innovations, including cheap internet access, smartphones and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to keep in contact with clients and employers.


  • Ability to travel

  • Work wherever you want

  • Manage your workload

  • Great work-life balance


  • No stable home, since you're always on the move

  • Spending long times away from loved ones

5. Teaching

Becoming a teacher is a very well known and popular way of making money but still having the freedom to travel the world. Most people go ahead and teach English abroad, which allows them to live in a foreign country whilst earning an income.


  • Ability to travel whenever students are on holiday

  • Paid holidays

  • Good work-life balance


  • A lot of marking involved

  • Can be stressful

6. Become an Au Pair abroad

Becoming an Au pair abroad involves looking after a child or children for a family that lives in another country. This is a job role that is always available somewhere in the world. However, a lot of families are very specific about the type of person that they want to apply for the job. For example, I saw a job post that they only want someone that is fluent in speaking Filipino.


  • You get to live rent free in another country

  • Opportunity to explore in your downtime

  • You usually are fed for free too

  • You get a salary from the family hiring you


  • Can never be 100% sure about the family you are working with

  • Can be stressful if you are not naturally good with children

  • Additional job roles can be added at any moment once family get comfortable if you do not set boundaries

7. Travel agent

Travel agents specialise in the sale of holiday packages, flights and other travel-related products. This job can be very rewarding for anyone that genuinely enjoys planning trips for people.

It's possible to work for a travel agency or set up your own travel agency in order to be able to work on your own terms, which will allow even more travels!


  • Working as a travel agent usually comes with a lot of travel perks (i.e. discounts on flights and package)

  • You earn commission on your sales

  • You find out the best deals, first

  • Help people travel more


  • You can end up getting a little jealous planning lavish trips for people that you won't be going on yourself... or so I've heard lol

8. Freelancer

Being a freelancer involves owning a skill that you can offer as and when you please. This could involve freelance writing, designing, hairstyling and anything that entails offering a unique service for monetary gain.

Arguably, this could be classified as similar to what digital nomads do. However, the difference is that digital nomads are basically freelancers that are totally location independent, whereas, freelancers can be somewhat restricted to their location at the time of the job.


  • Dictate and control how and when you work

  • Make more money the better the work ethic and skill level

  • Travel whenever you please

  • Potential to get flown out for work


  • Being consistently 'booked and busy' as a freelancer that wants to deliver can be demanding

  • A lot of competition in certain fields, which means you must perfect your skill to stand out