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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Upon visiting Indonesia, I must admit, I was very disorganised when it came to booking my accommodations. I decided that I would book my hotels as I went along, seeing as I wasn’t 100% sure about what I’d be doing and where I’d be visiting on my trip.

After a lot of moving around during my adventures in Indonesia, I ended up staying at 9 different hotels, guesthouses and villas. It was definitely an interesting experience booking the hotels on the same day as my arrival and earliest the day before.

Some hotels were really nice and others were not so nice. I'll be splitting this blog post into 3 or 4 different parts since I'll be covering different locations. This is part 1 which is covering the two places that I stayed in Canggu.

I will also be giving you my personal rating for each different accommodation, so that you can make the best possible decisions when you do decide to visit.


De Umah Berawa

£18 per night

Verdict : A lovely accommodation in a good location right next to the beach. Not the most luxurious to be honest, but the staff definitely try to keep the facility clean and presentable.

I loved shopping at the shops nearby and had some delicious breakfast at a nearby restaurant called Panama. Upon checkout, it was difficult to get to my next destination with all my luggage and lack of taxi’s. You have to walk further up to get a local taxi which can be inconvenient if you have luggage.

£18 per night


  • Spacious room

  • Relatively cheap to stay

  • Located very close to the beach

  • Very clean room and bathroom with nice scent

  • A number of shops and restaurants nearby

  • Located close to Finns Beach Club

  • Toursists are around this area so never completely quiet

  • Friendly staff

  • Charging spots near the bed

  • Private shower and toilet

  • Good air conditioning system


  • No pool area

  • Check in isn’t usually until 2 or 3pm which is annoying if you arrive early

  • Have to walk a little further up the road to hail a taxi which can be inconvenient at night and upon checkout

  • Surrounding restaurants are a little expensive and tax and service charge

My rating : 3/5 stars

Salty Shaka Bamboo Surfstay

£14 per night

Verdict : This was an interesting accommodation. It wasn’t the easiest to find as the cab driver got quite lost however, when I did find it I really enjoyed the community spirit here. It’s a great place to meet other travellers. Ended up meeting a yoga instructor and a French blogger. The communal kitchen is convenient for guests and the pool area in the daytime is absolutely gorgeous.

The room is quite small, but definitely great value for money due to the cleanliness and the connections you could potentially make here. I think it’s quite a popular place to stay in Canggu from what I saw.

£14 per night


  • Very affordable

  • Beautiful Balinese style scenery

  • Pool area for the guests

  • Friendly tourists visit this place

  • Communal kitchen

  • Place for locking away valuables

  • Mosquito nets

  • Located fairly close to a mini market and local foods

  • Really good for pictures


  • Shared toilet and shower

  • The room is quite small with no wardrobe for luggage etc.

  • No charging points in the room so make are you have a power bank

  • Good air conditioning system

  • Scary stray dogs on route to the guesthouse

  • Can be difficult to find so use the closest spa as a reference for the taxi.

My rating : 2.6/5 stars

Stay tuned for part two where I will be covering two beautiful villas that I stayed at in Gili Trawangan when visiting Lombok. If you enjoyed this blog post then follow my new hotel reviewing Instagram & Twitter accounts, where I post my hotel reviews from my stays around the world.