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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Upon visiting Indonesia, I must admit, I was very disorganised when it came to booking my accommodations. I decided that I would book my hotels as I went along, seeing as I wasn’t 100% sure about what I’d be doing and where I’d be visiting on my trip.

After a lot of moving around during my adventures in Indonesia, I ended up staying at 9 different hotels, guesthouses and villas. It was definitely an interesting experience booking the hotels on the same day as my arrival and earliest the day before.

Some hotels were really nice and others were not so nice. This is part 2 which is covering the two places that I stayed in Gili Trawangan, when visiting Lombok.

I will also be giving you my personal rating for each different accommodation, so that you can make the best possible decisions when you do decide to visit.

Check out part 1 where I reviewed my Canggu hotel and surfstays.


La Bella - Hotel Villa & Spa

Price per night: £39 per night, could be more if you book last minute!

Verdict : This was a really good hotel. The best one that I stayed at in Indonesia. I wish that I had booked more days to be honest, given that the rices in Gili Trawangan are quite similar. It was in a great location and located quite close to a 24 hour kebab shop which serves amazing chicken kebabs, as well as a host of other restaurants and convenience stores.


  • Beautiful and clean room

  • Balcony overlooking the beach

  • Beautiful sunrise views at 6am

  • Breakfast is delicious

  • Located not too far from the harbour on the main strip of Gili islands which is convenient

  • Option to have breakfast on the beach or in room

  • Surrounded by many shops, restaurants and tour operators

  • Friendly staff

  • Good WiFi for Gili Trawangan (because the Island generally has quite poor connection in comparison to Bali)


  • 1pm check in which is inconvenient if you arrive on the Island early

  • Pricy in comparison to what I was used to in Bali

  • Must use a key to lock the door and not an electronic key

  • Air conditioning is not that strong in the rom I was in

  • No phone in the room I was staying in, so I had to go downstairs to ask for anything

My rating : 4.4/5

Les Villas Ottalia

Price per night : £41

Verdict: A beautiful villa located the middle of the Gili Trawangan. This Villa is really comfortable, spacious and clean. The island generally has poor WiFi connection and the WiFi is not strong at this hotel at all due to the geographical location of it.

There’s a nearby bike hire place which will be necessary if staying here because it is quite far away from restaurants and shops.

Getting back in the dark on your own can be a bit of a challenge. However, could be more of a fun adventure if staying with friends.


  • Beautiful guest pool

  • Lovely flowers around the facility which is nice for pictures

  • Located very close to a bicycle hire place

  • Peaceful villa with not many disturbances

  • Room was absolutely gorgeous and clean

  • Spacious and clean bathroom

  • Very friendly and helpful staff

  • Safe space to park your bike near reception


  • Flies at the reception area A LOT

  • Expect full payment upfront

  • WiFi was really bad, practically didn’t work

  • Location not that great, literally in the middle of the island

  • Difficult to get to the fun spots on Gili Islands by bike because it’s so far

  • Expensive to travel to and from the hotel by horse an carriage

  • Breakfast not included

  • Expensive restaurant with not much variety within the hotel (also charges tax and service)

My rating: 2.89/5

Stay tuned for part three where I will be covering three Ubud accommodations that I stayed at. If you enjoyed this blog post then follow my new hotel reviewing Instagram & Twitter accounts, where I post my hotel reviews from my stays around the world.