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Whenever I post travel pictures from a solo trip on the gram, I get the usual "who took this?" The answer is not an old, rich and wrinkly man... but different types of equipment and a whole lot of confidence. This blog post will feature some of my best tips for taking pictures on a solo trip. I've also spoken with other solo traverlers who have given me some great tips for taking pictures.

1. Bluetooth tripod

First learned about this device from my sister @bonitaohh, as you can see the remote is in her hand.

Price: £14.98

Where to buy: Buy bluetooth tripod here

How it works:

1) Bluetooth connect the remote control to your mobile phone.

2) Go to camera, and set it on a timer for however long it will take you to strike a pose (approx. 3 seconds)

3) Click the relevant button on the remote to take a picture.

Pros: Takes pictures with a little remote control bluetooth device

Cons: Only very few were Instagram-worthy due to the lack of flexibility it offered  for angles, lighting etc. (especially for a perfectionist like myself).

Comments: Given the price of the item, I got my money's worth.

2. Ask strangers, don't be shy!

Price: FREE

How it works:

When it comes to taking pictures, at the beach, on a boat, poolside or wherever you are,  it's not as easy or practical to start setting up a tripod to take pictures of yourself. So, why not politely ask someone instead?

On my last trip, I asked everyone I possibly could, to take pictures of me and people could see that I was alone so they understood why I was asking, so the response was always more positive than negative.

Pros: -You get more pictures on your travels captured of you for memories.

-Good way to break the ice and start up a conversation with someone new.

Cons: -You may receive a few no's or a few pictures that don't come out great but content is content!

Comments: -If you don't ask, you won't get. Literally.

-Even if the stranger you ask does happen to say no... you'll never see them again anyway so there's nothing to lose in asking!

-Use your intiative when choosing which strangers to ask, you don't want a weirdo running off with your device.

3. Ask hotel staff

This picture was taken of me in my resort by the lovely hotel staff at Centara Villas Phuket

Price: FREE (or tips at your disposal)

How it works:

In case you didn't know, it's the staffs job to ensure customer satisfaction. If what satisfies you is taking pictures then don't be afraid to ask!

Ask the staff at your resort or hotel to take pictures of you. After all, if you chose to stay at their resort, then their main aim is to make sure that you are a happy customer, so 9 times out of 10 they will do it with a smile.

Pros: -You actually have a better chance of getting THE picture when asking hotel staff, because they're usually very nice.

- Besides, I'm sure they'd rather skive off work to take pictures of a stranger than do whatever their boss has proposed, so they'll be happy to do this for a while most times.

Cons: -You may not be able to capture the attention or time of staff that may have a mean boss

Comments: -If you encounter staff at the resort that don't want to take pictures of you, then speak to the boss and he will allocate someone to do so... I mean, that's what I'd do. Can't miss a good photo opp!

4. Ask your tour guide

This picture was taken of me by my tour guide around PhiPhi Islands in Thailand

Price: FREE

How it works: -If you happen to end up on an excursion without other people, then get the tour guide to take pictures of you. Again, his/her job is to make sure that you have had a good time so that you leave a good review.

Pros: -You can capture some amazing memories of unforgettable experiences.

- Tour guides are usually quite friendly

Cons: - Sometimes tour guides can get quite pre-occupied attending to everyone on the trip, so you may not get a lot of time with them taking pictures, depending on the nature of the excursion.

Comments: - If the tour guide isn't any good at taking pictures or doesn't have much time, then you should offer to take pictures of other attendees on the tour, so that you are able to ask for a pictures(s) in return. This is also a good way to get chatting with other travelers.

This picture was taken by another passenger on my speedboat tour after i offered to take some pictures of her and her mum together!!

5. Make friends!

Made some friends on an excursion in Dubai!

Price: FREE

How it works: I cannot emphasize how important this is on a solo trip. This is always the best way to have a reliable source for your pictures (goodness I sound like a right narcissist!). Don't get me wrong, you don't make friends abroad solely for the purpose of having a handy cameraguy or gal, and not everybody is going to want to spend their entire trip taking pictures of you.

However, when you make friends then you can do cool stuff together and they will be happy to take pictures of you and vice versa. This will also be something nice for both parties to look back at, and talk about when you finally go back home and start keeping in contact.

Pros: -You can capture some amazing memories of unforgettable experiences.

- Great way to make memories with new friends

- Makes great travel content

Cons: - Some people may not want to spend their trip taking pictures of or with you and that's okay.

Comments: This method takes a little bit of time, to establish a friendship or connection, but it's very worth it when you do!

I hope that this blog post has been helpful. Share, like and let me know if you use any of these methods on the list when travelling solo (or any others!). I'm always on Twitter ready to have a chat about travel so comment or Tweet me.

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