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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

If you're travelling to Amsterdam anytime soon, then you may have thought about what there is to do besides the obvious. The answer is, there's loads to do.

So, I've put this blog post together to give you some ideas about what you can do in Amsterdam to take your experience from good to great. In this post, I will cover; how to get around, things to do, places to eat and the best coffeeshops to visit while in Dam . Even if you only choose one thing from this list, I hope that it can be of use to you or anyone you know!


1. Train

  • Getting from the city to the airport is super simple. Just get the train from Amsterdam Schipol Airport straight to the city centre. This is also one of the cheapest way to travel Amsterdam

  • The City Centre is so small, so if you're staying in the city centre then you can basically walk to your hotel.

  • If you're not staying in the city centre, or have a lot of luggage then you can get a tram or metro to your hotel.

2. Tram

  • Amsterdam has a popular, reliable and frquent tram service that runs right through the busy streets of Amsterdam. It's definitely a handy and cheap way to get to and from the major hotspots in Amsterdam City Centre.

  • As a tourist, you won't have the residents tram access card, so the ticket attendant in the booth will be able to help you purchase tickets

  • You can buy a one-hour ticket aboard the majority of Amsterdam trams. Otherwise the driver at the front can assist you with purchasing 24/48-hour tickets aboard the tram (valid only for GVB services, including buses and metro). Other types of tickets can be purchased at GVB Tickets & Info offices or GVB ticket vending machines.

3. Uber

One of the easiest and safest ways to get around Amsterdam. Same price as in the UK.

4. Bikes

Bikes in Amsterdam connected to the Donkey Republic. The yellow frame is the lock and is hard to miss!

  • Aside from walking, the best way to get around Amsterdam is by bike.

  • It's a bike-friendly city and has designated lanes for bike riders

  • To get your hands on a bike, download the app: Donkey Republic. It's the hassle-free way to get a bike which can all be done from your smart phone. To see how it works, watch this short 3 minute video here.

  • If you're travelling with friends, then why not get your hands on a Tandem bike? but only do this if you actually know what you're doing lol. (You don't want to mess up the bike and then end up with unnecessary fees!).


1. iAmsterdam sign

First things first, as soon as you arrive at Amsterdam Schipol airport, make use of your airport swag and get a picture with the famous iAmsterdam sign that you see everyone doing when they travel there to show how well travelled they are ;) The sign is in big letters and you can't miss it!

Side note: There used to be another sign like this near Dam Square, but it's since been taken down in December 2018... so don't miss out on this easy money-shot.

Cost: FREE

Location: Amsterdam Schipol Airport

Tips: If you're travelling solo, don't be afraid to ask a local to get this iconic picture of you! (The worst they can say is no)

2. Amsterdam Canal Cruise

When you first arrive in Amsterdam, if you want to get a chance to explore the city and do some touristy things while getting some cute pictures for the gram, then try the luxury canal cruise. Not only do you get to glide through Amsterdam in style and sight-see, but you can do this very cheaply! This activity can be done either in the daytime or night time.

Daytime canal cruise. Can also be done at night depending on time of booking!

Cost: £13- £15

Time of activity : 1 hour

Location: Set off from Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, North Holland Province (cruise shown in picture)

Where to book: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/AttractionProductReview-g188590-d14202596-1_Hour_Luxury_Canal_Tour_starting_at_Anne_Frank_House_Amsterdam-Amsterdam_North_Ho.html


-Bring cash on this activity so that you can purchase some beverages.

-If you want to choose from a range of other cruises for you and your friends, then visit this website to choose and book (They have some very interesting packages worth having a look at): http://www.canal-cruise-amsterdam.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw0tHoBRBhEiwAvP1GFeCjD3kx-ye1HSTYUbWqhUS2rDOwhzKDDdFkHW1t0f0Vykad7qBC9hoChqgQAvD_BwE

3. Anne Frank House

If you're into learning about the history of countries, then this activity is for you! Visit the Anne Frank House which is a popular tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Find out where Anne Franke and her family were hiding out when Hitler came into power in 1933. This tour can be completed by walking or by taking bikes around the neighbourhood.

Cost: Approx £13- £118

Time of activity : 1.5 hours - 4hours

Location: Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, North Holland Province

Where to book: Book Anne Frank tour here


-Be respectful on this tour as you are visiting a place in Amsterdam that has a lot of dee history behind it. Listen to your guide and ask any questions to help you understand further!

-Why not do this activity and then go for a luxury canal cruise that departs from the same location straight after? (Or whichever way round you prefer)

4. Amsterdam Red Light District

I think this is an activity that needs to be done by everyone. If you go to Amsterdam and don't visit the Red Light District then did you even really go? This is the oldest part of Amsterdam which explores the history of the sex trade that had evolved since many centuries ago. Visit the Museum of prostitution as well as coffee-shops and restaurants in this area. If you're really interested in this kind of stuff then you may be pleased to know that this area also has brothels and sex shops. There are plenty of ways to explore this part of Amsterdam; leisurely with friends, with a tour guide, or even on a pub crawl. Whichever way you choose... they're all relatively cheap experiences which is nice. Of course, that depends on how you choose to spend upon arrival.

Cost: FREE to tour without a guide, and prices vary depending on tour.

Time of activity : With a guide : 1-2 hours

Location: De Wallen, Amsterdam

Where to book: Book tickets to Red Light Secrets Museum here


-Do NOT use your camera in this area, it is forbidden and very disrespectful to the locals and people working here who would like discretion. So keep your phone away so it doesn't get flung into a nearby canal. (Seriously)

-Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco (whether mixed with marijuana or on its own) in coffeeshops is illegal. Don't ask for hard (illegal) drugs. Never buy drugs of any kind on the street – fatalities can and do occur.

-If you want to visit a smaller district with a strip of red-light windows (minus the stag parties and drunken crowds) then head towards the De Pijp neighbourhood's western border along Ruysdaelkade.

-If you're travelling solo, then I'd recommend booking one of the tours to make this more fun.

5. Madame Tussauds

If you've never visited a Madame Tussauds, then this is the perfect opportunity to do it. I think this activity is a good way to unwind with friends, have a pretend sing-a-long with Adele and take some really cool pictures with the realistic-looking wax figures of famous stars

Cost: Approx. £19

Operating hours: Monday -Sunday : 10am-8pm

Location: Madame Tussauds, Dam 20, Amsterdam, 1012 NP. Madame Tussauds is on Dam Square, an approximately 10-minute walk from Central Station.

Where to book: Book tickets to Madame Tussauds here

Tips:- I was going to give you a tip, but there's probably children reading this so never mind 🤭

6. Amsterdam's Xtracold Ice Bar for cocktails

If you're over 18 and want to have a unique experience in Amsterdam, then get tickets to visit Amsterdam's ice bar. This place is -10 degrees celsius so wrap up nice and warm. You'll be having a welcome drink upon arrival before heading to the ice bar (YES, it's made out of 35 tons of pure ice!!) where you'll get two free drinks that will be served in glasses made out of ice. I haven't seen or heard of anything as cool here in the UK, so this would be a good opportunity to do something different and create some cool memories.

Cost: Approx. £19

Operating hours :

Sunday -Thursday : 11:45am–1am

Friday- Saturday : 11:45am–2:40am

Location: Amsterdam Icebar, Amstel 194-196 (around the corner from the Rembrandtplein)

Where to book: Book coupons to visit Amsterdam Icebar here

Tips:- Gloves and jackets provided upon arrival, but dressing warmly is advised in this climate if you don't want to freeze to death

7. Coffee Shops

One of Amsterdam's the main attractions are the coffee shops! As most of you reading this will know, Cannabis, weed, marijuana is actually legal to do in Amsterdam. Most people are able to purchase the substance and smoke in coffee shops all around the city. So, if you're into all that.. then this is something that you can do with friends to unwind and chill.

If you're not sure which coffee shops to visit then here are some really good ones suggested by Culture Trip (click to find out more)

  • The Bulldog

  • 1e Hulp

  • Dampkring

  • Green House United

  • Coffeeshop Paradox

  • Smoke Palace

  • Barney's Coffeeshop

  • 420 Cafe

  • Grey Area

8. Dam Square

If you're exploring Amsterdam the right way, then this is one of the must-see places to stop by. It's located close to the canals and is swarming with teenagers and bike-riders. This is one of the historic locations of Amsterdam, dating back to the 1200s It's a great place to wlk through just to get a the vibs of Amsterdam. Besides, it's free and only takes a few minutes to walk through and get a few snaps in so why not?

Cost: FREE (options to shop when you get there)

Location: Click here (close to Amsterdam Centraal)


-Wear comfortable shoes there's a lot of walking

9: Dam City Centre

This is the busy centre of Amsterdam that has nearly everything. You can find shops selling cool smoking equipment, to shops that sell: donuts, cheese, foreign sweets and much more. Here, I picked up some Amsterdam souvenirs and my favourite sweets from the shops selling all sorts of sugary goodness!

Cost: FREE (options to shop when you get there)

Location: Amsterdam City Centre


-Wear comfortable shoes there's a lot of walking

-Bring money as there are plenty of things to do, eat and buy

-Watch out for bikes. There are more people on bikes than there are people walking and I can't tell you how many times I had to dodge a bike!!


1. Piqniq

This is not your usual restaurant/cafe. You pick by the number of food items that you want, which surprisingly works out relatively cheap (by Amsterdams' standards). You can have some delicious bread-based snacks here before heading out into town.

Cost:Ambiguous, but relatively cheap. You can have a nice lunch for two for about £20 - £25 all in

Operating hours :

Monday - Sunday : 9am–5pm

Location: Prinsenstraat 10HS, 1015 DC Amsterdam, Netherlands


-This is more of a place to get a light snack that's delicious and some drinks. If you want some five star dining that will have you very full, then see the next point.


If you're looking for a place to satisfy the munchies, then this is the place to go for an incredible and filling 3 course dinner. They serve steaks, mussels, chips and some amazing instagrammable desserts.

Cost:Ambiguous, but not so much on the cheap side. You can have a nice dinner and dessert for two people for approximately £60.

Operating hours :

Monday - Sunday : 10:30am–10:30pm

Location: Lindengracht 59HS, 1015 KC Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. The Pancake Bakery

If you're craving something sweet (or savoury), then visit one of Amsterdam's best pancake spots In town. From the outside, you'd think it was just any lil' old pancake shop, but you'll be surprised at just how luxurious this shop is when you get inside! They serve a very tempting range of pancakes and beverages for a decent price.

Cost: Ambiguous

Operating hours :

Monday - Sunday : 10:30am–9:30pm

Location: Prinsengracht 191, 1015 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands

4. Manneken Pis- Verse Vlaamse Friet

If you want to try some local street food in Amsterdam that's cheap, cheerful and delicious then try Mannakenpins Fries. They were voted No.1 for Fries in Holland! The fries come in a cone and are topped with delicious sauces, herbs and cheeses at your request.

Cost:Large fries are approx. 3 USD

Operating hours :

Sunday-Thursday : 10:00am–Midnight

Friday & Saturday : 10am- 1.45am

Location: Damrak 41, 1012 LK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tips : There's usually a looong queue for these delicious chips, so be prepared to wait. There's usually a longggg queue for these chips because they're so popular so be prepared to wait a little.

5. The Avocado show

If you like Avocado's then, this restaurant will be heaven for you. They serve everything you can imagine with or without avocadoes. It's a very popular restaurant for locals and tourists alike and has some really gorgeous instagrammable locations within the restaurant. Oh yeah, the food is delicious too, but who cares if it's not instagrammable? It's 2019...get with it! haha

Cost: Fairly priced

Operating hours :

Monday-Sunday : 9am-5pm

Location: Daniël Stalpertstraat 61, 1072 XB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tips: There's usually a longggg queue for this spot because it’s so popular for tourists, so be prepared to wait a little.

-book a table in advance (+31 88 286 22 36)

6. REE7

It's a cool spot on the 9 streets, which has extremely instagrammable desserts, drinks and food. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to do something cute and fun in Amsterdam at a trendy location.

Cost: View menu here

Operating hours :

Monday-Sunday : 9am-5:30pm

Location: Reestraat 7, 1016 DM Amsterdam, Netherlands