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Updated: Jun 8, 2019


20th April 2018, 4am I began getting ready for my flight. I was beyond excited, and I had always wanted to go to Thailand. Everyone was calling me crazy for travelling all the way to Asia alone, but I thought it was the most exciting thing a girl could do. Besides, I was turning 22 on the 24th of April so it was an absolute must for me to flee the U.K. and its unpredictable weather.

I arrived at Terminal 2, four hours early (yes I was extremely overjoyed) and the check-in process was surprisingly smooth. I had a 30kg luggage allowance, but my luggage was 31kg (oops!). Thankfully, the gentleman that was serving me was really nice and let me off, with no excess baggage payment needed.

I spotted a shop nearby that was selling some travel essentials. Here, I bought my first ever travel pillow and also a padlock for my luggage to ensure safe travels with peace of mind.


I was flying with Thai airways (best airline ever). Once I boarded the plane, not only were all of the staff onboard dressed in their traditional clothing, but they greeted all passengers in Thai. The air hostess' would put their hands together in a prayer-like manner whilst saying hello in their language. This was a very nice touch and I felt like I was already in Thailand to be honest.

Since there were no direct flights from London to Phuket, I had a 2 hour stop-over in Bangkok, with a connecting flight to Phuket.

I finally arrived in Bangkok after a 13 hour flight, but there was not much time before I had to board the flight to Phuket.  I immediately began making moves towards my gate, because I didn't want any dramas.

I boarded the second flight, and in just over an hour I was in Phuket. I didn't waste any time scurrying off the plane, eager to explore Thailand. I collected my luggage which came promptly.

I withdrew some cash from the Cashpoint because I mistakenly forgot to take out any Pounds in London (TYPICAL!). This wasn't ideal, because the cashpoint gave me no information on exchange rates etc. so I blindly withdrew 5000BHAT, which seemed to be enough at the time, but turned out to not be at all.

I exited the airport and headed towards the taxi rank, where my taxi that I had pre-booked in London was waiting for me. I was able to identify my driver because he had my name on a card ready to take me to my resort.

He loaded all of my luggage into the car, I hopped in the front and we headed towards my resort which was about an hour away from the airport. The ride was amazing, I got to see the different markets and beaches on passing, whilst listening to my favourite music. The taxi driver had a screen which I was able to access Youtube from so we both bumped our heads along to my music.

Day 1

I arrived at my resort around 11am. Check-in wasn't until 3pm, so after signing all of the paperwork and listening to all the boring but important information, I grabbed my swimsuit and headed to the pool to start my holiday with some sun and drinks!

I met a lovely Australian couple by the pool who had already been in Phuket for five days, so they were telling me some of the places worth visiting and some places that just weren't. The lady was so mother-like and kept telling me to make sure I don't walk back to the resort in the dark etc. I listened appreciatively, missing my mum in that moment because that's something she would say!

Soon after, they called me to tell me my room was ready. It was absolutely gorgeous and had its own balcony which was onlooking the rest of the beautiful resort plus the beach that was nearby. I hopped in the shower and began getting ready for my first activity, The Cabaret Show. Here I would see the famous lady boys of Thailand. I had scheduled to see the show at 6pm on my day of arrival, but didn't realise I would be so jet lagged. Nevertheless, I forced myself to go because I was determined to not be boring, and I'm happy that I did go because it was worth it.

Once I got back after the show, I headed straight to dinner, which was a buffet serving delicious Thai cuisine. I ate until I couldn't eat anymore, and then I went straight to sleep to reboot for day 2.

Day 2

I woke up bright and early for the buffet breakfast, which was 10/10. They had everything from waffles, to pancakes, to a chef that was making the omelettes to your liking and much more.

After breakfast, I decided to explore the resort since I had nothing planned for the day. I felt the day escaping me so I visited the reception to ask about excursions and I decided to go Elephant trekking.

By the time I got back from this activity, I was bitten by so many mosquitos and bugs I had to get my hands on some mosquito deterrent ASAP! So I went to the shop and picked up some Tiger Balm along with some mosquito spray.

I took a quick nap and then I was off to dinner. This time it was a set menu where you got to choose a starter, main course and dessert. I was overwhelmed by the variety of food offered, so I kept it simple and stuck to what I knew....chicken and chips. After dinner I went to bed relatively early because I had to wake up extra early the next day.

Day 3 (birthday eve)

I woke up at 4am to start getting ready as my tour guide was picking me up at 5am for my Sunrise day trip to the six Phi Phi Islands by speedboat. This included breakfast at Khai Nai Island, and a buffet lunch at Phi Phi Island.

After monkey spotting at the national park to round off the day trip, I fell asleep sunbathing on the boat on the 45 minute journey back to port. Needless to say, I woke up 5 shades darker!

Once I got back from the cruise, I freshened up then headed to the pool to hang out before dinner. I also discovered a hidden part of my resort that had a hammock, a swing and coconut trees looking onto the beach which became my new favourite hangout spot.

I went to dinner around 8pm, which would be my last dinner as a 21 year old and treated myself to a few more drinks than usual.

I later retired to my room for some praise and worship with just myself, God and my iPad to crossover into my new age. It was beautiful.


Phuket is 6 hours ahead of London, so I turned 22 sooner than I would've done in London. My birthday would be 30 hours instead of 24 hours and I refused to miss a wink. I stayed up all night and decided to start getting ready for the day around 5am. I picked out an outfit, put on some "it's my birthday" makeup and headed to breakfast.

After breakfast I decided to pamper myself by booking a spa day. This was scheduled for 6pm to have a 2 hour long treatment. 15 minute herbal steam, 45 minute full body botanical scrub and then a hour aromatherapy oil massage, which was the best spa day I've had yet.

I was done by 8pm and decided to meet my new friend who I had met in the resort for dinner. He was also on holiday alone and celebrating his birthday which was on the 15th of April ...weird right?. We ate loads, drank and told each other hilarious stories, so it was really nice to have some company on my birthday!

 Day 5

I didn't have much planned, so I decided to go to Patong market to see what was going on. I got the 10am shuttle service provided by the resort to Patong market for 50 BHAT. I was about a  15 minutes drive to Patong market.

Here, I discovered many different stalls that sold clothes, shoes and souvenirs. I also spotted a convenience store, and a Pharmacy  so I could finally pick up some essentials and some mosquito cream.

There were many restaurants serving delicious food quite cheaply. I remembered the Australian couple that I met on the first day told me not to eat from places in the market where you can't see the food being cooked, so I grabbed some lunch from a spot where I could see the food being cooked right in front of me and tried a coconut drink for the culture.

I spotted one stall that were selling excursions very cheaply, so I booked a city tourto do the next day. This included a range of activities that I was desperate to do before leaving Thailand.

After all the shopping I did in Patong market, I was running low on BHAT, so I went to the cash point to withdraw more money, and guess what?........... MY CARD WAS SWALLOWED!

It was my own fault for not informing my bank that I would be away so they must've thought that it was a fraudulent transaction.

Thankfully, I had enough to head back to the resort, where I had dinner then retired to my room for the night as I had an early start the next day.

Day 6

After the usual buffet breakfast, I was  picked up for the city tour where I visited some iconic landmarks such as the Big Buddha, and even visited the tiger Kingdom among with a few other amazing places. I got back to the resort after an activity-filled day and I was exhausted so I took a nap for a few hours then got ready for dinner.

After dinner, my friend from the resort and I decided to go clubbing. We hopped in a cab and went clubbing in Patong. We saw a club called 'Illuzions' which was right opposite Tiger Night Club, and decided to check out both, but decided that Illuzions was more fun because they were playing some good music and the vibe was right. We partied and danced all night then went back to the resort a my flight back to London was in a few hours!

Day 7.

Home time. I had arranged my transport to pick me up early from my resort since my flight was at 10am. I ended up missing breakfast this day which I was bummed about but I was looking forward to coming back to London where I would be celebrating my birthday some more with family and friends.