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Let's jump straight into it. There is a massacre occuring in Sudan as we speak. People are being killed, raped and tortured as a result of the narcisstic ex-president giving the go-ahead to the military to break up protests around the country.

These peaceful protests are taking place mainly in Khartoum, which is the capital of Sudan and have quickly spread from city to city. Protestors are tired of living in a dictatorship and also are finding it difficult to accept the high and increasing prices of basic necessities such as bread and fuel. The people of Sudan just want to live in a democracy, with freedom and dignified living conditions. That's all.

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16th largest African nation in terms of land area - Classified as an LEDC - Only 15% of population own mobile phones

Relevant history of Sudan:

So here's a bit of context to help you understand the lead up to the madness!

  • Economic crisis in 2011 caused high and increasing inflation

  • Prices of everyday goods have continued to rise exponentially, especially for bread and fuel

  • Government placed restrictions on bank withdrawals too. (Restrictions + High prices = A very distressed nation)

  • Sudanese President, Al-Bashir has been previously arrested on corruption charges and is set to face trial soon (not a good track record there pal)

Ex- President Al-Bashir who civillians blame for the unrest

  • Civillians have suffered greatly under President Al-Bashir's 29 year rule

  • Pro-democracy peaceful protests began in December 2018 and quickly spread from city to city

  • Al-Bashir wasn't pleased about this and was determined to clamp down on protests by any means (i.e Kill and torture anyone involved, so they know he isn't stepping down from power)

  • January 2019, there was a social media blackout to punish civillians further

What on earth is going on now?

  • The peaceful protests have continued across cities, but mainly in the capital - Kharotume

  • They have been protesting for democracy and for Al-Bashir to resign

  • Al-Bashir granted the military rights to break up protests at their discretion, which has resulted in a massacre (100 people killed on Monday 3rd June alone!)

  • The government have been trying to cover their malicious tracks, with internet blackouts (They cut off the internet and mobile data in Khartoume just last week!)

  • Devices are being seized in the streets to destroy evidence

  • People are being forced into isolation, detention centres, being killed, raped and injured

  • Roads to hospitals have been blocked, Doctors are being killed and hospitals treating victims have been set on fire

  • Dead bodies being tied with bricks and thrown into the River Nile to sink and never be discovered.

Severity of crisis:

Well, 100 people were killed on 3rd June 2019 alone so I'd say pretty severe, but let's take a look at the current stats!

Death toll: 300+

Rape cases: 70+

Injured : 700+

(May not be 100% accurate as there have been major broadcasting issues since the internet blackout)

What can be done to help?

Set this as your profile picture to get involved in the movement and raise awareness

  • #BlueForSudan - People are turning their profile pictures blue and using this hashtag to draw attention to the crisis that is trying to be covered up with internet and mobile data blackouts. This trend started after Brunel University student was killed in the protests.

  • #PrayForSudan - Another hashtag being used widely on social media to raise awareness. I just hope people are actually praying too!

Reposting pictures like this can also help to raise awareness

  • You can donate to the following charities or GoFundMe's - every little helps





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