It was 5am and my tour guide had come to pick me up from my resort. Surprisingly, I was actually on time and ready to go and even had time to beat my face. I was NOT about to miss the photo opportunities on this trip lol.

I hopped in the car, where a few other passengers who were coming on the trip  were sitting and we set off on our journey to the port. We were rushing to catch the sunrise which was scheduled to be round 6-630am.

I really enjoyed the drive to the port because I sat at the front of the car, so technically had front row seats to the most amazing views of the purple sky.

Sunrise at sea

Once we arrived at the port, the sky had lightened up a bit, but it was still so beautiful to witness. We quickly hopped on the boat and and set off to catch the sunrise at sea which was absolutely stunning.

Since I was travelling solo, I was a little anxious that I wouldn't get that money shot that I was looking for. HoweverI offered to take a picture of a lady from Poland, who was travelling with her mum in hopes of getting one in return and I did!

Sunrise at sea

After watching the beautiful sunrise at sea and taking pictures, I wasn't sure what to expect next...but I knew one thing and that was the fact that I was STARVING. Thank God, it wasn't too long before I was reassured by my tour guide that we would be having breakfast at our first stop.

1st stop : Khai Nai Island

Once we arrived at our first stop, Khai Nai Island, our tour guide gave us a brief description of the Island.

He explained that Khai Nai Island was a small egg-shaped island, where nobody actually lived.

Khai Nai Island drone shot

Getting off the boat was quite a rocky experience. Literally, there were sharp rocks everywhere...(OUCH!). I made it onto the island, and began to explore, as the guides set up the station for us to eat.

Breakfast on Khai Nai Island

I noticed that the Island appeared deserted, with a number of empty stalls, which would usually be occupied by merchants selling their goods to the tourists. However, since we arrived early to the island, we didn't get a chance to see the sellers in action.

Upon arrival to the island, I also noticed that there were DOZENS of stray cats, that pretty much owned the place. It was almost like they were expecting us on the island to give them their first meal of the day - our breakfast.

Unfortunately, this slyly ruined my experience on Khai Nai Island, because I'm terrified of cats. Most of my time here, was spent running away from the stray cats who kept coming super close in hopes of being fed my breakfast.

It got so bad, that I just ended up abandoning my food because the cats were literally chasing me. When I noticed that the cats didn't really go close to the water, I decided to stay right there and eagerly wait for the rest of the crew to finish their breakfast, so that we could get going.

Stop 2: Bamboo Island

Once we hopped back onto the boat after visiting Khai Nai Island, it was about another 25-40 minute ride to Bamboo Island.

Upon arrival, the tour guide gave us another brief description of the island that we were abpout to explore. It was called Bamboo Island because it has a lot of Bamboo is what I gathered from the mini history lesson. I'm sure I missed out on some important information her provided because I was too busy gazing at the beautiful island.

Bamboo Island

The sand was white, the sea was clear blue and there was not a cat in sight. Now this was my idea of paradise.

I quickly grabbed my towel, sunglasses and decided to sunbathe in my bikini by the beach. It was incredibly hot that day so I wasn't keen on doing too much moving around.

We spent approximately 30 minutes on this Island; sunbathing and splashing around in the clear waters. I even managed to get my tour guide to do a mini-photoshoot for me on this island, since I was travelling solo.

Bamboo Island Photoshoot

(Read my blog post on how to take pictures while travelling solo here for more tips)

Stop 3: Maya Bay

After another 30 minutes of my afro blowing in the wind, while we sailed to our next island stop. We finally arrived at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Maya Bay.

Maya Bay

The scenery looked like something out of a movie, which actually turned out to be the case!

The tour guide explained that Maya Bay was the beach used to film 'The Beach' movie, starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Filming of 'The Beach' movie at Maya Bay

During the time of filming, the beach was closed for six months and our tour guide explained that his livelihoods were actually affected by the closure of the beach over this period of time.

We got to Maya Beach at peak time, so there were a number of other boats on the shore, which meant that there was no space for our boat to get too close. We stopped a few metres away from shore and were instructed to swim to get to the beach.

At this point, it was so unbearably hot that I had shamelessly removed my wig and undid my tight cornrows just to let my afro breathe.

Me taking pictures on the boat at Maya Bay

Although it would've been fantastic to explore the beach, I was not going about to get my afro wet, especially if I wanted to have a stress-free holiday. The others swam to shore and I stayed on board admiring from afar and got some pictures taken of me on the boat by the tour guides.

Stop 4: Phi Phi Islands

We set off again after about 40 minutes at Maya Bay. We stopped off on Phi Phi Island where a buffet lunch was served. This was quite delicious, but unfortunately there were cats and mosquitos everywhere. I'm sure that you guys know by now that I hate cats... so this ruined it for me again.

Thankfully, there was a Polish girl who I had made friends with on the boat. She had mosquito spray, which helped deter the mosquitos that were attacking me and I was able to enjoy the buffet in peace.

Buffet lunch at Phi Phi Islands

After I finished eating, I went to check out the souvenir stalls along the shoreline. I got talking with one of the sellers, who explained to me that it's quite difficult for him to earn a living on Phi Phi island. I decided to support his hustle by buying a few shell-charmed bracelets and I also bought a waterproof phone cover that I didn't really need before retiring to the boat.

Stop 5: National Park for monkey spotting & snorkelling

Upon arrival to the National Park, there were a number of other boats packed with tourists. We arrived here at another peak time for monkey spotting. We received a brief commentary by our tour guide about the history of the National Park.

I asked the tour guide if we were able to feed the monkeys and he explained that, a few years ago we would've been able to, but this has recently been banned by the Thai government. The monkeys are considered to be wildlife so for our own safety, we were forbidden from feeding them.

At the National Park, we were all offered an opportunity to snorkel. It looked super fun and it was interesting to see some of my fellow boat passengers diving into the sea fearlessly, but unfortunately I just wasn't in the mood after the long day.

Everyone seemed to be having so much fun and I didn't want to be a complete party pooper, so I decided to take a little dip in the water while clutching to the side of the boat. I fed the fishes pineapple jam biscuits (a popular snack in Thailand) for about five minutes.

I wasn't aware until this moment, that fishes were able to consume human food... they seemed to love it!

Stop 5: Back to Port

It was another 30-45 minute cruise back to port. At this point, I was totally exhausted from all of the exploring that we did on the tour, so I fell asleep in the sun with my shades on and woke up when we got back. Needless to say, I woke up 10 shades darker.

Here, we were met by the same driver that picked dropped us off to the port and he drove us back to our various accommodations.

Summary of Phi Phi Islands speedboat tour



  • Nice way to see a lot in a short space of time

  • Beautiful beaches

  • Tour guide would explain in detail the different places we visited

  • The tour guide was very helpful and made me feel comfortable

  • Buffet lunch was deliciousSunrise was amazing

  • Really good photo opportunities


  • A lot of stray cats on some Islands

  • Quite a few mosquitos at the resort serving the buffet lunch

Experience rating : 9/10

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