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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

As part of a new theme being introduced to the blog to get us on a nice schedule, I will be releasing a #Top10Tuesday every single Tuesday! This can range from Top 10 activities, to Top 10 restaurants and everything in between.

This week, I present you with the Top 10 fun things to do to in Phuket, Thailand, that'll keep you active and entertained on your trip while making unforgettable memories.

Thanks for tuning in, and just in case you do want to book any of these activities then I've provided the links below.

Disclaimer: I do get a small kickback for every booking made via my posts, so if you enjoy this content then I'd appreciate the support so that I can keep bringing you content like this and even better as time goes on.

1. Simon Cabaret Show

Price: Approx. £24

Location: Phuket

Duration : show lasts 70 mins

Show times : 18:00, 19:30, 21:00

Where to book: Book tickets to Simon Cabaret with transfers here

Thailand’s ladyboy’s are a big part of the culture over there. If you don’t know what ‘ladyboys' are, then they are basically males who have decided that they want to be females. They have made the necessary physical changes to becoming a female and are recognised as part of the LGBTQ community. 

One of the first things that I did in Phuket, was visit the Ladyboys in theatre. I managed to bag a VIP seat which wasn’t too pricy and gave me a great view of all the fun.

They put on a whole burlesque-type show with glitz, glam, comedy and all things in between. Females and males are in the crowd and it’s definitely a night of laughs and extravagance. 

Note: - Pick up only included if hotel is in Kamala or Phuket Town.

- You could be pulled up to dance, sing or even snog the performers on stage at random and from what I saw they usually tease the men in the crowd.

2. Ethical Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Price: £60-£84

Location: Phuket

Duration: 5 hours - 10 hours (half or full day)

Where to book: Book full day Elephant care experience here

Elephants are  major part of the culture in Thailand and they are endangered species. So, no doubt there is a lot of politics surrounding their existence and how they are used in the tourism industry. Whilst I don’t agree with riding elephants after learning more about the topic, it is still widely done by visiting tourists. 

However, there are other ways that are more ethical which allow tourists to experience elephants. This can be done by visiting the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary, feeding them, bathing them and petting them like the raucous animals they are.

The Elephants are usually free to roam out in the open and you will get the opportunity to give the Elephants a mud bath and swim with them, which is why so many tourists love to do it.

3. Tiger Kingdom

Price: Ambiguous

Location: Phuket

Where to book: (better to book as part of city tour in Patong market for maximum savings)

I enjoy doing things that scare me and this was most certainly one of them. Getting an opportunity to experience real life Tigers up close and personal (without having your head bitten off) is a once in a bucket list experience.

One ticket to the Tiger Kingdom will allow you to gain entry into the Tigers den and also to see other interesting animals, that you don’t see everywhere.

You will also get a chance to take some pictures with the Tigers, as well get some snacks and drinks which can be bought at an additional cost when you get there.

Disclaimer : I know that there are a lot of debates surrounding this activity too and I’m not too sure how ethical it is for me to recommend this as a travel blogger.

However, do your research first and then decide for yourself whether it is something that you are wiling to do.

4. Have a spa day

Price: Ambiguous (Dependant on location)

Location: Phuket

Where to book: Book directly with spa for best prices

Man, if there’s one thing that I would recommend it is definitely to have a spa day while in Thailand.

In the UK we’re used to paying such extortionate prices for these kind of luxuries, however, in Thailand because it is so heavily a part of their everyday culture you can find really good spa messages for relatively cheap prices. 

I booked a spa day on the day of my birthday at my resort which was just hat I needed. I got a body scrub, facial and full body massage which cost me less than *50 and was definitely worth doing. 

Tip: It’s probably cheaper to book a massage in town, then at your hotel or resort. So, it’s worth visiting Patong Market to get a good deal on a massage.

5. Visit Illuzions Nightclub

Price: Free to enter, but pay for drinks

Location:  31 Thanon Bangla, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150, Thailand

Where to book: (better to book as part of city tour in Patong market for maximum savings)

Illusionz is a popular nightclub in Phuket that nearly all tourists visit while in Thailand. It’s two floors of strobe lights, good vibes and good music and is sure to bring in a massive crowd.

The fact that it’s free definitely helps. However, be prepared to spend a fair amount on drinks as you would at any club. 

I really enjoyed my time at Illuzions because it was located on a very busy strip with a number of tourists and other clubs so it was easy to meet other locals and travellers as well as pop into other clubs too.

6. Sunrise Phi Phi Island Speedboat Tour

Price: £78-£100

Location:  Ambiguous

Pick up time: Usually around 0430-05:00

Where to book: Book Sunrise speedboat Phi Phi Islands Tour with buffer lunch here

Hands down a MUST-DO activity while in Phuket is the Sunrise Phi Phi Island tour which is a great way to kill a few birds with one stone. This tour includes early pick up from the hotel with a drive down to the harbour.

The excitement for the tour kicks in on the drive alone, because you will be able to witness the pinky-purple skies in Phuket.

You’ll then get on a speedboat and visit a number of different Phi Phi Islands, including Maya Bay which was where James Bond was filmed.

The tour guide will give you a quick history lesson on the significance of each Island. You also get a chance to do some monkey-spotting and have a buffet lunch which is included before being dropped back at your accommodation.

7. Visit Patong market

Price: Free but take money to shop

Location: Patong

Patong market is also classified as the city centre in Phuket. It’s where you will find the most tourists, restaurants and shops, as well as local and international businesses. There is also a mall called Jungcelyon which is adjacent to the Patong market strip. 

One of my favourite things about Patong market is that it sells many things cheaply, from clothes to activities an tours. It also has everything you need convenience-wise, such as a Pharmacy and a 7-11 (convenience stores), which by the way sell the most amazing toasted sandwiches.

8. City Tour

Price: Approx. £25

Location:  Multiple, depending on your chosen.

Pick up time: Usually in the morning around 08:00-09:30

Where to book: For the latest deals visit Patong market, otherwise book here

Going to Thailand and not doing a city tour is like…*trying to think of an analogy here but not coming up with one*. But, yeah it’s a waste. I would definitely recommend doing this to kill a few birds with one stone.


On the city tour, you will be picked up at your accommodation and taken to visit some of the biggest and best attractions in Phuket including; the Elephant Sea-view Camp, Big Buddha, Tiger Kingdom, The Buddhist temple and a few other places to keep you busy and learning that day.

At the end of the activity you will also be dropped back which very convenient.

9. ATV Jungle and Hidden Beach Tour

Price: Approx. £53

Location:  Phuket

Duration: 1-2 hours

Pick up time: To be arranged with operator

Where to book: Book Jungle and hidden beach tour here

Before riding, you'll receive an informative safety briefing to get you prepared to ride with all the necessary equipment.

You'll also be given a chance to practice riding an ATV quad-bike, which will be handy if you haven't done anything like this before, to get you comfortable. Soon after, you'll be off on your wild adventure with staff supervision of course.

Appreciate the hidden beauty of Phuket, as you will be exploring the region from a new perspective and leaving with new, fantastic memories.

Tip: You can also combine the ATV program with other activities, such as zip-lining, rafting and others, which is quite poplar amongst tourists.

10. Hanuman World : Zip-Line Adventure Park

Price: Approx. £50

Location: Hanuman World

Duration: 1-3 hours

Pick up time: To be selected at booking

Where to book: Book half day zipline adventure here

If you've been following me for a while, then you'l know I love a little adventure. I have not yet done the zip-line in Thailand but it is certainly on my Bucketlist, after I conquered my fear of heights with the longest urban zipline in Dubai

With the Hanuman Zipline adventure, you can expect to be picked up at your accommodation in Phuket before heading to Hanuman World, which is a zip–line park.

Upon arrival, you will be given the quality tested safety equipment including: a harness, gloves, and helmet. You'll then be given a zip–line briefing where rules are given to ensure that you are kept safe before your adventure.

Once this is all done, you can finally set off through the exotic Thai jungle. The course is equipped with 16 zip–lines up to 1312 feet in length, and here are 30 platforms set high in the forest.

You'll be given the opportunity to tuck in to a set Thai lunch menu, which will be served after your zip-lining experience, before finishing up and returning to your hotel in Phuket in once piece.

Note: Souvenir photos and DVDs of your activity are available to purchase on the day which is great for content creators and anyone that just wants a hardcopy of their memories.