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As most of my subscribers know I am 100% Nigerian. My mother is Delta and my father is Igbo, however in my culture you are what your dad is, so technically I am fully Igbo and proud 💪🏾

The 1st of October 2019 marks Nigeria’s 59th year of independence, so it’s only right that I hit you with 10 cool facts about Nigeria on this wonderful day!

1. Nigeria has the largest population in Africa

Nigeria is home to the most number of people in Africa.

It has a population of 160 million people approximately, which is nearly double that of Ethiopia which come second At 84 million people.

Additional fact: Nigeria is the eighth most populous country in the entire world and the most populous country within OPEC (see fact 2).

2. 12th largest producers of crude oil worldwide

Nigeria has a total of 159 oilfields and 1481 wells in operation, according to the Department of petroleum resources.

Nigeria is the eighth largest exporter of crude oil in the world. In fact, the exportation of petroleum represents around 86% of total exports revenue in Nigeria and is a very important resource in keeping Nigeria going.

3. Home to the longest bridge in Africa

Do you know that bridge that connects you from Lagos airport (on the mainland) to Victoria Island? That is the longest bridge in Africa, measuring at about 11.8 km.

The bridge was built by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC and was officially opened in 1990, by the President at the time - Ibrahim Babangida

4. Nigeria is one of the oldest locations in history

There has been evidence found which shows that there was a history dating back as far as 9000 BC of human existence in Nigeria.

Around 500 BC to 200 BC, there was a civilisation that was discovered called the Nok civilisation.

5. Second largest movie producers in the world

One of the best things about Nigeria is the movie industry , Nigerian hollywood, aka Nollywood.

Nollywood produces around 200 movies every single week and believe it or not, this particular industry in Nigeria has been winning half of the yearly awards since 2005!

6. Christianity & Islam are the most common religions

Just like most other countries there are a range of religions in Nigeria . However, the top two religions are Christianity and Islam.

Most Igbos are Christian, while most members of the Hausa/Fulani tribe, are Muslim. The Yoruba tribe is more mixed between the two religions.

7. Nigeria has approximately 250 ethnic groups

Nigeria is known to have approximately 250 ethnic groups, which speak over 500 indigenous languages.

The most influential and dominant groups include: Igbo (18%) Yoruba (29%) Hausa & Fulani (29%).

8. It’s home to the longest canopy walkway in Africa.

I’m sure you’ve seen that almost everyone who visits Nigeria, always goes to the Lekki Conservation Centre.

This is where the longest canopy walkway in Africa can be found and climbed.

9. Home to the richest man in Africa

Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian businessman with a net worth of at least US$10.6 billion .

Dangote was included in the Forbes 100 richest people in the world list.

Since then, he has been celebrated by artists across Nigeria and Africa. For example, Burna Boy made a song named after the richest man in Africa, which is an absolute HIT if you ask me!

10. Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria

Lagos is the largest and most populous city in Nigeria and is home to more than 21 million people. Whereas the capital of Nigeria, Abuja is home to less than half of that at 6 million people.

It’s no wonder when everyone goes back to Nigeria the main place that they travel to, is Lagos.

Thank you for reading this blog post in celebration of Nigeria’s 59th Independence Day.

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