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Today I visited the Bali Swing. I took my sweet time to scope out the best deals and information across Canggu and Ubud, where I have been staying whilst in Bali, so far.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my top ten tips on visiting The Real Bali Swing. Including information on where to book and how to best prepare for the bucketlist experience.

1. Book in Ubud!

It’s safe to say that it was a lot cheaper to book The Bali Swing activity in Ubud, since it is located in the Ubud area.

2. Scope out the best deals

I visited Monkey Forreest, which is a busy area in Ubud boasting of restaurants, shops, activity booking huts and much more.

Nearly every activity hut I came across while exploring Monkey Forreest quoted me about 250k-300k Rupiah (Rp) for this activity.

This figure didn’t even include the entrance fee to the swing which was set to be a further $35/500k Rp.

The only thing that I’d be paying that price for would be for a driver to pick me up and wait at the Bali Swing (for about 2 hours) before dropping me back, which was too much in my opinion.

Luckily, I came across an activity hut that was located close to my accommodation - Swan Inn, where I kipped for one night in Ubud.

The man that was running this activity hut was a lot more flexible than the others that I’d come across.

I explained to him that I was travelling solo, and he gave me the best option. This was agreed to be 150k Rp by motor taxi (motorcycle) there and back. HALF PRICE!

3. Tell the driver not to wait *save money*

So, if you’re reading this blog then read carefully what I’m about to tell you next, if you want to save some cash.

A lot of drivers don‘t even enjoy waiting around at Bali Swing, well the motor taxi’s from what I know anyway. Besides, once you get there you’ll realise that 2 hours isn’t enough time to thoroughly enjoy and get all the pictures you need. (Being rushed or feeling pressured for time won’t be fun, trust me... there’s too much to do once you get to Bali Swing).

Once they pick you up at your accommodation, then try to negotiate the price of them just dropping you off at the Swing. My driver offered that I pay him 75k Rp, which was half of what we agreed just to drop me off. However, I managed to get that down to 50k, since I explained he wouldn’t be waiting so no need to pay half and he agreed.

On the way back from Bali Swing, I was lucky enough to be offered a lift by one of the staff who had just finished their shift and was going my way home anyway. So I paid 60k Rp for her to drop me on her scooter.

So altogether, I paid 110k Rp to get to Bali Swing which means I saved 40k Rp which paid for my dinner this evening, plus a takeaway!😋

Although, you may not have the same luck with finding someone to take you home cheaper, there are plenty of taxis available and you can negotiate your price (Taxis are very flexible when it comes to negotiating in Bali).

So, it’s still worth telling your driver not to wait for you and catching a taxi back whenever you’ve had enough of the place.

I stayed here for over 3 hours taking pictures on the many swings, eating and drinking, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had a driver impatiently waiting outside.

4. Arrive early

Arriving early at The Bali Swing is essential to beat the crowds. You’ll be the first to have a go on the swings before it starts to get busy and before lines for the swings get long (long queues could mean you don’t enjoy the experience as much because it’s hot and tiring standing in the sun)

Bali Swing opens at 7:30am, so aiming to get there as close to that time as possible will benefit you.

Note: I got there around 8am which was still pretty early, but it wasn’t long before queues started to form and the day go slower!

5. Pay in Cash 💶

The entrance fee to Bali Swing is $35 or 500k Rp. It’s possible to pay by card or by cash. However, if you opt to pay by card then there will be a 3% credit charge for the transaction. So, it’s best to cut your losses by paying in cash.

6. Bring your own drinks

Had I have known that I’d be charged 15k Rp for a 4k Rp small bottle of Sprite every time I wanted to cool down, then I would’ve honestly brought my own drinks or a big bottle of water.

It gets really hot with all the walking around and queuing in 35 degree weather. So you will inevitably need to have a drink at some point.

I’m sure I bought four mini bottles of Sprite within the few hours that I was there, along with an ice lolly which in total, cost me 110k Rp 🤨

Bonus tip: there are a few shops outside The Bali Swing and there don’t seem to be any restrictions with leaving and re-entering the premises once you have your stamp and wrist tie.

So, if you really wanted to.. you could pop to the shop across the road and come back, which I’m pretty sure would be cheaper!

7. Enjoy the vegetarian buffet

Although I’m not necessarily a vegetarian, I decided to try the vegetarian buffet that was provided by Bali Swing at no extra cost around 9am onwards.

At first, I wasn’t keen on trying the vegetarian buffet but it actually looked a little appealing once I saw what was being served.

To my surprise, I really enjoyed it. They had tasty sweet n sour Tofu, green beans, flavoursome rice noodles and more.

Bonus tip: There is also a regular buffet (non-vegetarian) that runs from about 11am at Bali Swing also at no extra cost, just in case you don’t like the vegetarian cuisine.

8. Pay for a photographer

Bali Swing offers a plethora of photographers at each swing and nest on the day (yes, there’s more than one Swing guys, I was shocked too) . It’s only $12/175k Rp and it’s totally worth it, especially when travelling solo.

The photographers are professional, know what they're doing and definitely go above and beyond to get that money-shot using high tech cameras and equipment.

Did I mention that you get the pictures all sent to you on the same day BEFORE you leave the premises? Is that cool or is that cool?

Bonus tip: Make sure you take note of all the swings and nests you took pictures on during the day when collecting your images.

By the time it’s time to collect your images you’ll probably be quite tired and just ready to go home that you might forget to collect them all - which is currently happening to me *weeps*

9. Dress the part 💃🏽

Upon arriving at Bali swing, because I arrived early-ish I didn’t see that many people. However, as the day progressed and it got busier, I started to notice a trend of females wearing long-flowing gowns.

Clearly, I missed the memo 📝 but at least you guys won’t if you’re reading this post. That instagram-worthy money shot will be captured if you wear a long and gown that flows at the back.

Bonus tip: They do have the option of renting a dress at this site for the purpose of getting that instagrammable money-shot, but I wasn’t too fond of wearing the sweaty garments of anyone else, so I just carried on with my dress.

10. Network

The Bali Swing is a traveller hotspot. You’re bound to meet other travellers in groups or solo. Get talking and let them know about your website/blog/Instagram.

Besides if they’re there and you are too, then you must have something in common. So don’t be shy to spark up a conversation.

I met a girl called Mesha who was from California and travelling solo for the first time. We talked for a while, exchanged numbers and turns out she’s here for two more weeks, just like me!

I hope this blog post has been helpful and will not only inspire you to visit Bali Swing, but make your experience a lot smoother than mine. If you’ve visited the Bali Swing, what was your experience? Let me know!

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