Bali is undeniably a tourist hotspot. With millions of people from all over the world flocking to the island to see what all the hype is about.

For this week's #Top10Tuesday, I will be sharing the top 10 ways to truly experience Bali, Indonesia featuring things to do and see.

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1. Floating Breakfast

I'm pretty sure that if you want to visit Bali, one of the pictures the typical Bali pictures that you've seen on the gram are of people having breakfasts inside the pool.

These are called 'floating breakfasts' and are definitely one of the most stylish ways to start your day while getting those aesthetically pleasing money-shots for the gram.

Where to book: Floating breakfasts can be booked at most resorts. However, some resorts only offer pool access to paying guests, so it's best to check and try to book beforehand. For example, Ayana Resort is where a lot of popular bloggers go to experience the floating breakfast.

2. Flower Baths

Not only do flower baths have amazing health benefits, but they're also relaxing and provide you with the perfect photo opportunity!

Where to book: The flower baths can be booked at most resorts and spas that have the facilities available to them. Karsa Spa is an example of one.

#Traveltip - You can actually pick some flowers from the rice fields (if owners allow) and put them in a bath yourself if you want to. But, be careful because only some flowers are suitable for the baths.

3. Yoga classes

A popular pass-time and activity in Bali, is Yoga. When I was in Canggu, I met a yoga instructor at the Salty Shaka Bamboo Surfstay. She explained that it was definitely worth trying.

It is good exercise, relaxing and very much part of the Balinese culture so worth giving a try while you're visiting.

4. Lagoon lunchin'

If you want to try something a little different, then experience having lunch while riding down the lagoon. It's the perfect activity for couples or even friends to do while in Bali.

Sail down the lagoon in a raft, while taking in beautiful views and grabbing a bite to eat!

Where to book: Kamandalu Ubud Resort.

5. Instagram tour

The Instagram tour is a great way to kill a few birds with one stone. I think the name is quite fitting, since you'll be visiting some of the most instagrammable landmarks in Bali, all in one trip!

Some of the spots you'll visit on the famous Instagram tour include:

  • Waterfall

  • Temple

  • Water palace

  • Rice field

  • Jungle swing

Where to book: BOOK HERE

6. Bali Swing

I'm sure that we all know what the Bali Swing is by now...and if you don't, then where have you been?!

Bali swing is definitely a bucket list activity and something I highly recommend doing while in Bali.

Capture some crazily cool pictures swinging over picturesque rice terraces, and hanging out of bird-like nests. It is the epitome of aesthetically-pleasing and worth every penny!

Where to book: Book once you get there

(Read my top 10 tips for visiting Bali swing here for all you need to know)

7. Swim in the glass-bottom pool

If you want to swim in style, then visit The Edge Resort to swim in the unique glass-bottom pool. This is the perfect way to spend the day having cocktails, lunch and swimming.

#Traveltip - Some boujie resorts are reluctant to let just anyone into their property, so if you're met with security upon entry, then calmly explain that you're there to visit a friend and everything should be cool! (I mean, that's what I do lol)

8. Beautiful Balinese Sunsets in style

One of the top things to do in Bali is definitely watching the phenomenal sunsets. I know this can sound pretty basic, but the Balinese sunsets play a major role in making Bali a tourist hotspot.

You'll find that there are specially-designed cliff bars and beaches that give you a panoramic view of the sunset,while allowing you to capture some pretty cool shots!

Where to go: El Kabron, Bali

9. Visit the Forest Spa

If you don't get a massage while in Bali, then what did you actually do? Not only are massages dirt cheap (in comparison to the UK), but there are so many places that you can go to get a massage.

This can range from ordering a masseuse to your hotel room to give you a massage from your bed, to visiting a spa instead.

A unique way to have a spa day and still feel like you're doing an activity is by visiting the Forest Spa. You can swing over the tropical Pentalu Valley after a massage and create some fantastic content too if that's what you're into.

Where: Kamandalu Ubud Resort.

10. La Favela Night Club/Party Strip

If there's one thing that I miss about Bali, it's definitely the Seminyak nightlife. When I discovered the strip of clubs that Favela is on, I was honestly in my element and living my best life (and this is coming from someone who doesn't really enjoy clubbing lol)

Once I arrived, there were some undeniable good vibes. Music blasting (Rack City-Tyga to be precise), crowds of people, clubs, restaurants and so much more! I would certainly recommend having a night out here as soon as you touch down!


*11: Love Anchor Market Bazaar

Date: 7 days a week – Saturday and Sunday special weekend bazaar

Time: Open daily 8am-11:59pm / Weekend Bazaar 9am – 5pm

Love Anchor Bazaar is the only daily market in Canggu at the moment. During the week around 100 vendors sell everything from homewares and clothing to organic skincare and handmade accessories.

On Saturdays and Sundays, they step it up a notch and cram an additional 50 stalls into the seating area in front and call it the special weekend bazaar.

In addition to the market, Love Anchor also boasts a restaurant and bar with an extensive menu of multi-cultural food and drinks including breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweet treat

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