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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It's no secret that Dubai is my favourite place in the world and this May made it my 9th time visiting. Having said that, I get asked tonnes of questions about it. So, this new segment on my blog will be dedicated to spilling as much tea as possible on all things Dubai ✈️

If you're travelling to Dubai anytime soon, you may want to subscribe to this blog so that you don't miss any of the important tea I'll be spilling to save you some money and hassle! Now, first things first, let's talk about the activities that you NEED to try in Dubai, even if it's just one from this list... I guarantee you will never forget it! In no particular order whatsoever....

1. Desert Jeep Safari

This is a whole day activity that is a good way to kill a few birds with one stone. This activity includes various other activities like Quad biking (separate cost), Camel riding (included), Dune bashing (optionally inclusive) and a buffet dinner with entertainment

Cost : £32 - £65

Total time of activity: 4-7 hours

Location : Desert, but you will be picked and dropped off at your hotel

Where to book : Book Dubai desert safari here

Tips: Bring along a packed lunch or some snacks because it's a long activity and you won't be able to eat until the very end at the dinner buffet. Any shops you stop at on the desert are extortionate so make sure you have everything you need BEFORE going on the trip!

2. Helicopter Ride

Compared to the desert Safari, this activity doesn't take up quite so much of the day, which is nice. You get to experience flying over Dubai and witnessing it's beauty in all its glory from am ariel view. You also get some really cool and professional James Bond-y pictures taken of you when you hop off the helicopter.

Cost : £140-£220

Total time of activity: 12-20 minutes (can be longer if you choose to incorporate other activities as a bundle)

Location : Business Bay Dubai

Where to book : Book Dubai helicopter ride here

Tips : Arrive 15-20 minutes early... or else they may not let you fly!!

3. Dinner in the sky

This is a wonderful experience for a date with your bae or girls! You'll be served a three course meal with beverages coupled with a unique opportunity to get some great shots for your photo album!

Cost : Approx: £110 -£175

Total time of activity: 1 hour 30 minutes

Location : Skydive - Al Seyahi St - Dubai (Located right next door to Zero Gravity Beach Club)

Where to book : Book dinner in the sky here

Tips :

-Only available to book between October and May due to extreme weather in the months im between.

- Cheaper to book on the weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) than on the Weekend (Friday to Saturday)

- Arrive 15 minutes before-hand!!

4. Sky-diving

If you've got that extra coin to spend and you’re looking to do something way out of your comfort zone, this is the activity for you. I would say that this is one of the best experiences Dubai has to offer and a once in a lifetime experience everyone should try (including myself, once I stop being a wimp lol). You’ll fly with an expert instructor and experience incredible aerial views of Dubai. You also get the entire experience recorded and professional pictures taken to ensure you never forget it. Pretty cool right?

Cost : Approx. £480

Total time of activity: 60 second drop

Location :  Al Seyahi St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Where to book : Book skydive experience here Tips : -Wear comfortable and athletic clothing and shoes.

5. Yacht cruise

The Yacht cruise is a great way to spend a sunny day in Dubai or a romantic evening. You can expect to take off from Dubai Marina on this cruise and enjoy the sights of Dubai. The nice thing about the yacht cruise is that the experience is what you make it. If you want to sunbathe and just soak up the sun, then you can do that. Whereas, if you wanted to play some music, turn up and take pictures then you can do that too. I definitely like to do a bit of both, but mainly the latter because it’s slightly pricy and besides, if you didn’t take pictures…. Did you even really go? Oh yeah, they serve a few snacks too like fruit and other refreshments. Nothing to write home about but it's definitely a nice touch.

Cost : £46- £1155

Total time of activity: 1 hour - 12 hours (overnight stay)

Location : Dubai Marina 

Where to book : Book Dubai Yacht cruise here

Tips :

-Bring a swimsuit along and some factor 50 sun screen. It gets pretty intense when sunbathing!

- You're told to take your shoes off before hopping on the yacht so don't bother wearing expensive sandals/shoes

- don't be afraid to ask the captain to borrow his hat for a cool pic (I did)

6. Zip-lining

Ziplining is one of the most recent experiences that I've had and also one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. It is certainly worth doing and I guarantee you’ll only be scared up until they push you. Once you’re gliding gracefully across the air it’s a piece of cake….until you see a tree that looks closer than it should. You also get the entire experience recorded and professional pictures taken to ensure you never forget it. (Watch my experience here)

Me, getting my life on the zip line :-)

Cost : £141 for one & £240 for two

Total time of activity: 60 seconds

Location : Dubai Marina 

Where to book : Book Xline experience here

Tips :

-Wear something respectable and comfortable or else they may not let you fly

-You can book on the day but always check by calling first due to availability. 

-Times of availability vary during Ramadan and this activity only operates between 9am and 1pm around this festive holiday

- Bring passport or driving license for ID. (very important)

7. Burj Al Arab Jetski Tour

If you’re into water sports, then this activity is for you. Experience riding around the waters near Burj Al Arab - the world' only 7 star hotel and get some cool pictures for the gram!

Lil cousin living his best life on this activity @treyxwilliams

Cost : Approx £85

Total time of activity: 30 minutes 

Location : Jumeirah 4, Umm Suquem 1 Harbour Last entrance of the harbour Behind Hampton and Bousporos Restaurant in Jumeirah Beach Road

Where to book : Book Burj Al Arab jetski tour here

Tips :


-Don't trust those 'safe compartments' for your phone in the Jetski. That's how I nearly lost my old phone when I looked down and saw it had popped out of the compartment after ridong some viscous waves...... then later it broke anyway from water damage and I didn't have a device for the rest of my trip back in 2016 *cries*.

8. Aquaventure water park

If you're looking for a longer water adventure, then Aquaventure is definitely the way to go. It's Dubai's littest water adventure park with a number of rides that will certainly have your wig flying (no joke, it happened to me lol). This waterpark ois really big and is perfect for a fun day out with friends or even as am adventurous date.

Cost : Varying costs for adults and children, residents and non residents. (See 'where to book)

Total time of activity: As long as you want. Closes at 6pm

Location : Atlantis The Palm - Crescent Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Where to book : Book Aquaventure tickets here


-Most hotels in the Jumeirah area will offer a free shuttle service to this waterpark so make sure you check with them first befor spending unnecessarily on transport.

-Buy a waterproof phone case for this activity, it actually works and is worth it!

-you can't go here and not try the vertical drop slide. Don't play yourself!

9. Ski Dubai

I'm sure the words 'Ski' and 'Dubai' sound odd in the same sentence... but yes it's true you can ski in Dubai! This activity is worth doing if you're looking to escape the heat of Dubai and try something different. At an additional cost, you can even opt to have a penguin experience, as well as go on some of the rides provided by Ski Dubai.

Cost : Approx. £50 (only for 2 hour slope session)

Total time of activity: 2 hours minimum

Location : Mall Of the Emirates / Ski Dubai. Access is through the Mall of the Emirates west-side parking area

Where to bookBook Ski Dubai here


- Bring passport or driver's license for ID

- Dress warmly

10. Sea plane flight

Again, if you've got that extra coin and want to try something daring, then try the Seaplane flight! Enjoy a bird's eye view of Dubai's iconic landmarks with a guaranteed window seat. This activity has a unique water take-off and landing. The experience can range from a 12minute flight, soaring over Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah, to a longer flight taking you to Abu Dhabi. Of course, the more extravagant the more expensive!

Cost : £142 - £550

Total time of activity: 12 minutes - longer if flying to Abu Dhabi

Location : The Beach

Where to book : Book Seaplane flight from Dubai here


- Bring passport or driver's license for ID

- Dress warmly

11. Hot air balloon ride

If you want to do something in Dubai that not everyone has already done, then this hot air balloon ride is another unique experience. Not only do you get to ride the hot air balloon, but you also are served breakfast accompanied by a desert safari ride in a 4X4. This is the perfect place to gather some really good content, but also enjoy the aeriel views of the sandy desert. Caution : It's not exactly cheap!

I first learned about this experience from popular travel & lifestyle blogger @estarelive

Cost : £232-297

Total time of activity: 4-6 hours

Location : Duabi Desert (There is an option for hotel pick up and drop off with this activity)

Where to book : Book desert hot air balloon ride here


- Bring passport or driver's license for ID

12. Flyboarding

Typically, this is quite a messy sport..especially if you have zero experience with flyboarding. This activity can usually be found anywhere there are Jetski's if you ask. I've never tried it myself because I am not trying to hurt myself (seriously, this activity isn't for the faint hearted or those that lack balance lol), but if you want to try something different for the experience (or for the gram), then be my guest. I must admit it looks super fun whenever the person doing it manages to get into the air and stay there, so maybe one day I'll try it out!

Cost : Varies from site to site. Online seems more expensive than it should be. Although due to the complex nature of the sport, don't expect it to be super cheap either!

Total time of activity: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Location : Most locations where Jetski's are (i.e Jumeirah Beach)

Where to book : You can pay for the experience once you get there.

Tips: - Get the guides to teach you exactly what to do in the beginning so you don't spend the entire activity time trying to learn how to balance.

I hope that this blog post has been helpful... If we missed anything then please let me know! I'm always active on Twitter and Instagram ready to have a chat about travel :)

Be sure to subscribe, as more Dubai posts will be out soon! Coming up we'll be covering things to do and places to stay. Thank you for reading!