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Upon visiting Indonesia, I must admit, I was very disorganised when it came to booking my accommodations. I decided that I would book my hotels as I went along, seeing as I wasn’t 100% sure about what I’d be doing and where I’d be visiting on my trip.

After a lot of moving around during my adventures in Indonesia, I ended up staying at 9 different hotels, guesthouses and villas. It was definitely an interesting experience booking the hotels on the same day as my arrival and earliest the day before.

Some hotels were really nice and others were not so nice. This is part 3 which is covering the two places that I stayed in Ubud, when visiting Bali.


Pondok Tropical Guesthouse

Verdict: This is a perfect example of lovely accommodation, horrible location. Finding the place was really difficult and once we finally found it, I was not ready for the TREK through the poorly-lit rice fields that was about to take place.

I literally used the flash on my phone to light up the path way and hope for the best. I don’t know how I would’ve done it if I wasn’t with my friend.

Was it worth it one I got inside? I mean, no. It was beautiful with the lovely balcony and outdoor bathtub and everything, but it had more cons than pros for me. I think this kind of stay is perfect for a couple on a honeymoon that just want to be away from all the hype, spend time with one another and don’t really intend on leaving the premises often. Pros:

Located on beautiful rice fields in Ubud

Delicious breakfast is included in the price

Lovely outdoor bath tub and balcony

Spacious room

Lovely, spacious bathroom

Mosquito nets

Good WiFi

Located not too far from a taxi point


Very difficult to find, especially in the dark since it’s located in the middle of a rice field

Not located near many shops or restaurants

City Centre is not walking distance

Didn’t spot any other guests at the property

Poorly lit walkway, had to use flash on phone to get to entrance at night

Definitely wouldn’t recommend for solo travellers. Can be scary getting back at night, seriously

My rating: 1.68/10 (would be much higher if it was in a better location because the property is gorgeous)

Swan Inn

Verdict: I loved the location of this property, the friendly staff and the fact that it was cheap, cheerful and available at such short notice. However, I wasn’t really feeling the bathroom and hence I only stayed for one night. Not sure if you’ve noticed but the bathroom is really important to me lol. Other than the bathroom, really nice place to kip with gorgeous banana pancakes served in the mornings.


  • Located within walking distance from the city centre (i.e Monkey Forreest)

  • Very cheap to stay

  • Private bathroom (shower and toilet)

  • Delicious breakfast included in stay

  • Comfortable bed

  • Beautiful guest pool

  • Lovely facilities

  • Very friendly staff

  • Good WiFi

  • Motorbikes can be hired from the hotel

  • Secure location


  • Shower and toilet are in very close proximity to one another which made showering very uncomfortable for me

  • The rooms are not very modern

My rating: 3/5 stars

Sayan Romantis

Verdict: At first, it was quite difficult to find Sayan Romantis because it is located on a back road in a village-like area. Finally once I found it, I was pleasantly surprised by the size and layout of the room and also the open-roof shower touch in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed for much longer when I realised that the guesthouse was quite isolated and had a number of viscious stray dogs surrounding it... that just wouldn't mind their business. This made my stay pretty much a nightmare becuase I wasn't able to get into and out of the property peacefully. Plus, there wasn't even any transport to take me out of the property most of the time.

I had to get the lady working there who owned. a motorbike to drop me to the end of the road. But coming back without a taxi dropping you right in front? Be prepared to be bitten!


  • Spacious room

  • Open-roof shower

  • Big fridge in room

  • Nearby restaurant selling cheap and delicious local food

  • Nearby phone shop to get sim cards

  • Close to Four Seasons Bali Resort

  • Room was initially clean, but wasn't maintained by staff.

  • Can order masseus to your room, which really helped when I fell sick

  • Communal kitchen to cook in


  • Crazy, viscious stray dogs on route to the property (I'm a German Shepherd owner so..yeah)

  • Not much to do in area of Sayan at all

  • Not many taxis are around this area, you'll be lucky to find

  • Staff hardly ever around to solve issues

  • To get to monkey forreest from here is expensive

  • Hard to find

  • Staff fo not change towels or beddings on a daily basis (must beg to change)

  • Due to open-roof shower, I encountered more insects than usual (cockroaches and ants)

  • Loud wall geko's surrounding property

  • Overall a very poor location and not worth the money

My rating: 1/5

Stay tuned for part four where I will be covering my stays in Denpasar and Kuta that I stayed at. If you enjoyed this blog post then follow my new hotel reviewing Instagram & Twitter accounts, where I post my hotel reviews from my stays around the world.