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During this crazy pandemic that we are all living through, it's important that we are all looking out for one another and following the governments' advice.

It's a very gloomy time for us all that are being severely affected by the coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus?

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you would know that world has been struck by the Corona Virus. Coronaviruses get their name from their crown-like shape and were first discovered in the 1960s and there are many conspiracy theories surrounding how these particular viruses came about.

Coronaviruses can affect both animals and humans and can cause infections in the nose, sinuses or upper throat. This virus is highly contagious and can be transferred through direct and indirect contact.

The three most severe coronaviruses include:

  1. COVID-19

  2. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-related coronavirus (MERS)

  3. Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARS)

Living in London, UK with coronavirus

I am writing this blog post to let you know the realities of what it's like living in the London, UK during this crazy time that has been described as The Apocalypse. (God forbid!)

A recent title on Corona virus read "UK's coronavirus death toll rises by 40 to 177 in biggest daily spike yet as 714 more Britons test positive for the life-threatening illness – taking infection toll to almost 4,000", which pretty much sums up the recent and worsening situation here in the UK.

Just yesterday, the UK government announced that the UK will be tightening their lockdown restrictions nationally. Pubs, restaurants and cinemas have been ordered to close until further notice. This is now in addition to the closure of schools and gyms in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

I'm not sure about anybody else, but in my near 24 years on this earth, I have never experienced anything like this and I am writing to keep those of you curious about what is really going on in the UK during this history-defining time.

1. Criminal Cough

While coughing in public is usually seen as a normal thing to do, unfortunately that has all changed ever since the Corona Virus took its toll globally. I have witnessed people choking on their cough in public from trying to hold it in. Many people in the UK are trying their best to blend in with society and not raise any corona virus alarms from coughing or sneezing.

Everyone is a suspect in a time like this, so any slight symptoms that are displayed certainly raise a few eyebrows and you may even experience people obviously avoiding you.

2. Shopping wars

These days, even going to the supermarket doesn't feel the same. Personally, I have been avoiding supermarkets at all costs. The panick-buying that has occurred in the UK, since the virus had been announced has left the shelves scarce.

A video that was taken in Lidl earlier today during a weekly grocery shop

Thankfully, I can go shopping in my mums fridge-freezer for most things that I need (thanks mummy!), BUT this this overconsumption by the public during this time is now having adverse affects on the majority of the population that cannot access the food and essentials that they need.

The UK government has encouraged everyone to shop responsibly and ethically, as they noticed the impact that this was having especially on the elderly. Howeve, this fell on deaf ears and so more stringent measures have been put in place to enforce this. Currently, the restrictions that have been put in place include limits of three items each for customers shopping in supermarkets. (Read Tesco's rules here)

3. Travel restrictions

This is probably one of the hardest times for travel fanatics, since there are a number of travel restrictions that are being placed on UK citizens.M of current and future flight are being cancelled in the midst of the pandemic, which is not only leaving people stranded in foreign countries, but also leaving people in the UK out-of-pocket, since travel insurance companies are unable to cover everyone that is affected.

  • See full list of countries with travel restrictions to and from the UK here

4. Social distancing

It’s almost as though the world has been put on pause. every single person in the UK is being told to self-isolate and to not leave their homes unnecessarily.

The aim of this is to contain the spread of the virus. This means that very few people are attending work, school and any social gatherings since contingency plans have been put in place by the UK government.

For some people the closures of these public spaces is a sigh of relief Since this has slowed the pace of life in London write down. Whereas, for others they are finding it very difficult to adjust to this new reality.

5. Contactless takeaway?

Delivery - I tried to get a cheeky takeaway in yesterday (like the foodie that I am). To my horror, I was told that they wouldn't be able to accept cash payments at all due to the threat of the corona virus. many restaurants are only taking card payments over the phone.

Takeaway - When visiting restaurants, it is no longer possible to utilise the seating area. Food is only available for takeaway and there are limits to the number of people being allowed in to restaurants to collect their food at any one time.

I’d probably be able to write a little more, but it seems that Wi-Fi provision during this time is also a little slow. I will provide updates to you all soon, on the situation in London with coronavirus.

Stay home & stay safe ❗️


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