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      In 2019, I decided to visit Nigeria for the second time that year, after I heard that it was the place to be in December. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I had a feeling it was about to be a MOVIE. Especially since it was my first time experiencing Lagos as an adult. An I.J.G.B is a term used to describe people who are originally Nigerian, but live abroad and come to visit and have just got back to visit. I spent two weeks in Nigeria during this time and this next series of blog posts will give you a real insight to what Detty December is really like as an I.J.G.B. The flight - London to Lagos via Abu Dhabi If you have ever visited Nigeria during Christmas time, then you would know that the flight prices are absolutely ridiculous. It cost me approximately £1470 for a return flight from the UK to Nigeria....and that wasn't even a direct flight. Whenever I travel to Nigeria, I always book with Etihad Airways (best airline ever) and I stop over in the UAE (best place in the world). This time was no different. I stopped over in Abu Dhabi and lived my best life for a few hours before hopping onto my next flight to Lasgidi A.K.A Lagos. My flight from Abu Dhabi to Lagos was quite interesting and definitely one for the books. Firstly, let's start with the fact that I was sitting in economy class, which by the way was THE GHETTO on this type of trip...and I'll explain why. During December, every single person and their mother is on their way to Nigeria, so you can only imagine how packed the plane was. Everyone was packed like sardines in economy class and unfortunately for me, I was sitting right next to a strange man that kept subtly stroking my thigh throughout the flight. YES, stroking my thigh...... To make matters worse, when I was on the flight I decided to watch the film MA to ease my discomfort and boooy was that a mistake. I had watched the trailer in the past and thought.."what the heck? why not!". As the film went on, I was on the edge of my seat because of the unexpected plot twists. The film got so scary, that I actually forgot where I was for a second and started screaming "NO NO NOOO!" at the top of my lungs. It was only then that I remembered that I was actually on a plane with hundreds of other people and NOT the cinema. Definitely felt all eyes on me and even heard the chap next to me scream "JESOS CHRIST", while looking at me in disbelief. We still had a fair few hours left of the flight (GREAT), so I just sunk into my seat and pretended that it NEVER happened. Detty December Day 1 I hopped off the plane and briskly made my way through all of the tedious stuff so that I could get out of the other end and begin my enjoyment. My driver picked me up and took me to my uncles hotel, where I would be staying for the most part of my trip. Once I arrived, my dad was waiting for me with open arms ready to catch up and get our Christmas fun started! They had kept my breakfast on the side for me and I even though I wasn't that hungry, I tucked in anyway just because I wanted to see my dad smile as I ate my food. You know how African parents are? Anyway, I was just so happy to be there with him in that moment. Soon after, I got ready to head out into town to get my nails done. I usually prefer to get my nails done before I travel, but there was simply not enough time. (I literally left for the airport straight from work) I didn't really know many of the good places to get my nails done in Lagos, and my dad certainly didn't either. So, we found a salon in Oniru, but the waiting times were so ridiculously long. At that point, I felt like I was wasting precious 'fun time' and I was growing impatient, so I went around the corner to an outdoor market to see if they could patch my hands and feet real quick. The lady agreed and I sat down excited to get my toes looking goodt for my open toe heels. You'll never believe what happened next.....The lady pulled out some superglue. Yes, you read that correctly....SUPERGLUE! It was then that I knew I would pass up on getting my nails and toes done altogether on this trip. I just told her to make my toes look presentable enough and that was that. Once I got back to my hotel, I started getting ready because the first place that I wanted to go to was Farenheight hotel for their suya. So we got ready and left at around 9pm to head down there for some drinks, shisha and suya. However, Lagos traffic had other plans for us. We ended up being on the road for three whole hours stuck in traffic and we didn't even get to go to Farenheight hotel for the suya. However, we did manage to get a break from the treacherous traffic in Lagos and stopped off at a restaurant and hangout spot in Lekki called Farm City. Here we ate some tasty food, had some deicious strawberry Daquiri's and talked until we were blue in the face. Despite the stress of getting there, this ended up being a lovely start to my trip and a great catch up with my dad. Detty December Day 2 I woke up bright and early for breakfast in my hotel. After the stress of being stuck in traffic for three hours the previous night, I decided that I wanted to take things easy that day. By the evening time, I was ready to live my best life in the evening. I had several friends in Lagos around this time of year which was fabulous, because there was always something to do. I decided to meet up with my friend in Ikoyi, before heading to Moist (Oniru Beach Club). There was a lot of traffic on the way to the beach club again and we didn't want to miss out on the fun, so we got some slippers delivered to us in the car (only in Naija!), we had our heels in hand and we decided to hop out of the traffic and walk. Of course, this is only advisable to do if you are accompanied by mopo (mobile police) or security, which we did so we were covered. At first, I wasn't sure whether walking would be a great idea, because..ain't nobody trying to sweat their make up off before they get to the venue). But thankfully, it was only an very short walk to the beach club which would've taken us around 1 hour by car with all that traffic. Lagos tip: If in doubt, WALK! (with security) I can honestly say that the moment I got to the beach club that is when my Detty December had truly started. To find out how, subscribe and stay tuned to catch part 2. Love, Passport Pages xox


      During this crazy pandemic that we are all living through, it's important that we are all looking out for one another and following the governments' advice. It's a very gloomy time for us all that are being severely affected by the coronavirus. What is Coronavirus? Unless you've been living under a rock, then you would know that world has been struck by the Corona Virus. Coronaviruses get their name from their crown-like shape and were first discovered in the 1960s and there are many conspiracy theories surrounding how these particular viruses came about. Coronaviruses can affect both animals and humans and can cause infections in the nose, sinuses or upper throat. This virus is highly contagious and can be transferred through direct and indirect contact. The three most severe coronaviruses include: COVID-19 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-related coronavirus (MERS) Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARS) Living in London, UK with coronavirus I am writing this blog post to let you know the realities of what it's like living in the London, UK during this crazy time that has been described as The Apocalypse. (God forbid!) A recent title on Corona virus read "UK's coronavirus death toll rises by 40 to 177 in biggest daily spike yet as 714 more Britons test positive for the life-threatening illness – taking infection toll to almost 4,000", which pretty much sums up the recent and worsening situation here in the UK. Just yesterday, the UK government announced that the UK will be tightening their lockdown restrictions nationally. Pubs, restaurants and cinemas have been ordered to close until further notice. This is now in addition to the closure of schools and gyms in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. I'm not sure about anybody else, but in my near 24 years on this earth, I have never experienced anything like this and I am writing to keep those of you curious about what is really going on in the UK during this history-defining time. 1. Criminal Cough While coughing in public is usually seen as a normal thing to do, unfortunately that has all changed ever since the Corona Virus took its toll globally. I have witnessed people choking on their cough in public from trying to hold it in. Many people in the UK are trying their best to blend in with society and not raise any corona virus alarms from coughing or sneezing. Everyone is a suspect in a time like this, so any slight symptoms that are displayed certainly raise a few eyebrows and you may even experience people obviously avoiding you. 2. Shopping wars These days, even going to the supermarket doesn't feel the same. Personally, I have been avoiding supermarkets at all costs. The panick-buying that has occurred in the UK, since the virus had been announced has left the shelves scarce. A video that was taken in Lidl earlier today during a weekly grocery shop Thankfully, I can go shopping in my mums fridge-freezer for most things that I need (thanks mummy!), BUT this this overconsumption by the public during this time is now having adverse affects on the majority of the population that cannot access the food and essentials that they need. The UK government has encouraged everyone to shop responsibly and ethically, as they noticed the impact that this was having especially on the elderly. Howeve, this fell on deaf ears and so more stringent measures have been put in place to enforce this. Currently, the restrictions that have been put in place include limits of three items each for customers shopping in supermarkets. (Read Tesco's rules here) 3. Travel restrictions This is probably one of the hardest times for travel fanatics, since there are a number of travel restrictions that are being placed on UK citizens.M of current and future flight are being cancelled in the midst of the pandemic, which is not only leaving people stranded in foreign countries, but also leaving people in the UK out-of-pocket, since travel insurance companies are unable to cover everyone that is affected. See full list of countries with travel restrictions to and from the UK here 4. Social distancing It’s almost as though the world has been put on pause. every single person in the UK is being told to self-isolate and to not leave their homes unnecessarily. The aim of this is to contain the spread of the virus. This means that very few people are attending work, school and any social gatherings since contingency plans have been put in place by the UK government. For some people the closures of these public spaces is a sigh of relief Since this has slowed the pace of life in London write down. Whereas, for others they are finding it very difficult to adjust to this new reality. 5. Contactless takeaway? Delivery - I tried to get a cheeky takeaway in yesterday (like the foodie that I am). To my horror, I was told that they wouldn't be able to accept cash payments at all due to the threat of the corona virus. many restaurants are only taking card payments over the phone. Takeaway - When visiting restaurants, it is no longer possible to utilise the seating area. Food is only available for takeaway and there are limits to the number of people being allowed in to restaurants to collect their food at any one time. I’d probably be able to write a little more, but it seems that Wi-Fi provision during this time is also a little slow. I will provide updates to you all soon, on the situation in London with coronavirus. Stay home & stay safe ❗️


      Hey guys it's been a while. I feel like January went on for way too long...and February? Well I can barely keep up with how quickly it's going. Besides being a wanderlust and blogging useful tips that I've learned from my travels, my day job is actually teaching. If you've read my previous post on 8 jobs that allow you to travel ft. pros and cons, then you would probably remember that one of the jobs that I recommended was teaching. While there are many other benefits to teaching; like the amazing bonds that you create with your students, one of the best things about teaching is the fact that you get around 76 paid holiday days off per year. I know this sounds like a dream, but trust me... with the amount of work teachers have, It's really starting to make sense why these breaks are so crucial. Anyway, this isn't a post to get into the nitty gritty about all the pros and cons of teaching, but something that I would hope you find very inspiring and useful - Top 9 tips on how to land your dream teaching role abroad (before qualifying). Before we get started, I just want to start by saying - absolutely anything you want is attainable if you put your mind to it. I believe that once you decide that you want something just as bad as you want to breathe (i.e. you have no other choice), only then will the universe start to shift in your favour. In my case, the universe is God. But to others, this higher power that shifts things to work in your favour may just be the universe. Exhaust every single avenue and don't take no for an answer if it has anything to do with your future! You're probably reading this and thinking... so what's the big testimony? and how can I trust this advice? Well let's just say that I successfully manifested the exact job of my dreams in the exact location of my dreams too. This didn't come easily, but I would like to share some tips so that hopefully it can be easier for you. Of course, this particular post is about the career of teaching, however I believe that these tips could be useful when applied to securing a job in any keep reading! 1. Get into teaching First things first, if you want to land a good teaching job abroad and earn a respectable living, the first thing you will need to do is get some experience...and FAST! The good teaching jobs abroad that are in places like Japan, UAE, Canada etc. don't usually even look twice at applicants that have no experience in the teaching field. For example, when I finished University last year I became a Math teaching assistant before becoming a teacher. I did this just to gain some insight into the industry and just get my foot in the door. The only thing you need to become a teaching assistant in a school is a degree in a relevant subject and clean DBS. This is a great way to connect with a school and find out which school you could see yourself at the most. 2. Get your qualification(s) hunny! No shortcuts When I finished University, or should I say when University finished me... I was nearly 100% certain that I would never go and study again. However, when I started to set goals for myself after graduating, it became apparent that there was no escaping this. The bottom line is that when it comes to teaching, if you want to land a really good teaching role abroad (money and package wise) , it won't just be handed to you. These opportunities abroad are only given to teachers that have invested in their professional development as a teacher and have credentials to back it up. To land this role, not only will you need to have a degree in a subject-related field (minimum 2:2), you will also need to have obtained some postgraduate certification to confirm your abilities i.e. PGCE, PGCert, or some form of teaching diploma. Extra tip: The best thing to do is to start looking at potential teaching opportunities abroad that tickle-your-fancy. By doing this, you will be able to see all of the requirements of the desired candidate and then you can choose the best course for you, to get your CV pushed to the top of the pile once it comes time to apply for your dream role. 3. Get to know other teachers in your industry Once you've decided which course you will be taking to bag your qualification and get some experience as a teacher, your next task will be getting to know people in your industry. To be honest, this is probably one of the easiest things to do once you're a teacher becasue you're constantly working alongside other teachers and you are more likely to meet people just like you that are on your course, since one of the requirements of the course involves going to University part time for at least one day per week. By getting to know new people in your industry, you increase your chances of coming across people that are on the same journey as you and are hoping to land a teaching job abroad.... or, people that have already taught abroad and can give you some valuable tips. This is a really good way to build connections, stay in the loop and share information on international job fairs and opportunities with your coworkers. Note: Building good relationships with colleagues is key. Nobody is going to want to help an unfriendly and antisocial grouch! 4. Stay patient, positive and expectant I think that this tip speaks for itself. Staying patient, positive and expectant of a great opportunity will surely attract more than one and keep that fire in your belly on your job hunt. Persistence is key when seeking out the right opportunities. No point going into it with a negative mindset and giving up at the first hurdle. 5. Do your own independent research While who you know is important, what you know is also very important. Take time out of your days to seek out new opportunities and new resources which can tell you more about how to bag your dream teaching role abroad. It's important to remember that this is your future and not anybody else's. So no matter how much you rely on anyone else to create an opportunity for you, they will never be as hungry for it as you. So go out there and create your own connections in person and online. You're bound to land yourself a job faster than anyone will land one for you! People have their own lives to live. Take control of your life and destiny. 6. Sign up to TES TES is a well known website that teachers use to find opportunities. This website allows you to keep up with the latest job offers and opportunities for teachers around the world. Luckily for teachers, there is a huge demand around the world for their services. Especially teachers of core subjects (i.e. English, Mathematics and Science). By registering a profile with TES, you are putting yourself out there for potential employers to see. You also get the opportunity to be one of the first candidates to apply for upcoming job roles. In December 2019 alone, I applied to nearly 20 jobs on TES for the next academic year (August/September 2020). 7. Understand the job market for your desired region "The early bird catches the worm" Knowing your stuff can definitely give you an advantage over other applicants. Try and rub shoulders with people who have walked the road that you are trying to walk. They will be able to give you some valuable insight into the job market of your desired destination and how to land a job in that region. For example when I was job-hunting, I made it my priority to do some digging about the job market from teachers who have already experienced working in my desired region. I wanted to know everything, from the desired characteristics that schools were looking for in teachers, to best time to apply for jobs. This gave me an advantage over competitiors for the job role since I was getting in there first to apply for jobs and I had knowledge on what employers were looking for so I knew how to pitch myself in the interviews. 8. Plan & prepare! "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" Now that you have all your ducks in a row (tips 1-7), you now have to start preparing yourself. You could be invited for an interview at ANY time and you need to stay ready so that you don't have to get ready. Extra tip: I prepared by studying the schools that I applied for and preparing for potential interview questions for when I got that invitation. Remember tip number 4. 9. Go to international job fairs Once you have successfully completed steps 1-8, then you are now ready to attend an international job fair which is the final step to securing the bag. Whether you have already been invited for an interview or not, I would recommend that everyone goes to an international job fair to scope out opportunities and make some valuable first hand connections of your own. This is the perfect way to gain valuable contacts for your industry and build a rapport with potential employers. If you're lucky, you could leave the fair with multiple interviews scheduled or evemn a job offer if they are interviewing on the spot. These job fairs are a hotspot for employers to find credible candidates with experience to join their school. Extra tip: Not sure where to find these international job fairs? Here is one that you definitely should be attending if you're in the UK. Hurry! You have until the 28th February 2020 to register. I hope that this helps you to land your dream role as a teacher in destination that makes you happy every single day! Best of Luck, Renee-Louise

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      Collaboration Ideas Travel products I travel at least 8-10 times per year to multiple destinations, usually hot and exotix. ​ ​ Afro hair & protective styles When travelling around the world I usually alternate between my natural hair and protective styles. This is because my hair is 4C texture and quite a task to maintain. I usually wear braids styles or wigs and I'm always looking for products to help me better maintain my 4C hair. So, if you are interested in collaborating with any of these products or services then please fill out the contact form and I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours Beauty & Skincare On my gap year from University when I fell in love with solo travel, I ended up working as a sales consultant for a year in a beauty clinic. This is when I discovered my passion for natural skincare. I am always looking for new skincare products to try to keep my skin hydrated and glowing on my travels. This can be incorporated onto my social platforms. ​ ​ Guest blogging I enjoy writing about travel and lifestyle. Since launching my blog in June, I have averaged around 1000 hits on the blog per week. If you would like me to create some content for your platform, then please fill out the form below and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. ​ Podcast guest speaker I am always interested in speaking about my travels and sharing my experiences as a young black female solo travaller. I think that It is very important to not only inspire but enlighten as many people that I can around the world of the realities of travelling, solo travelling and travelling while black.If you have an opportunity for me to share my story on a podcast, then please fill out the fom below, also leaving a link to your website or socials. ​ YouTube collaboration I am interested in collaborating with other YouTubers who are also into travel & lifestyle. If you have a YouTube channel and would like to collaborate to create some magic, then get in touch. Please leave clear links to your Youtube channel and any other socials in the form below. I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours. ​ Travel business ideas Besides eating, sleeping and breathing travel, I am also an Economics graduate with a strong background in business. If you would like to pitch me a business idea (preferrably pertaining to the travel industry), then please get in touch. Please express clearly where you feel like I could add value to the business and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours with some feedback and potential developments. ​ GET IN TOUCH Type of enquiry Product/service promotion Content collaboration Other Link to your main website, Youtube, Blog, Instagram etc. Submit Thanks for submitting! Instagram

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      HOW TO: TRAVEL AMSTERDAM IN 2019 Travel Lifestyle Netherlands Hotel reviews Lifestyle Travel Resources NEWSLETTER Thanks for submitting! Submit ABOUT Renée is a 23 year old British Nigerian, who fell in love with solo travel on her gap year from University in 2017. She covers exotic destinations around the world. Her mission is to empower people through the gift of travel and equip them with the knowledge that they need to take their first solo trip with confidence. She shares her travel stories, tips and creates Top 10 travel guides on all the destinations that she visits. START HERE Bucketlist EXPLORE ALL Ren ée has visited 34 countries BUY ON AMAZON DESTINATIONS Indonesia Thailand Nigeria Netherlands London Dubai Qatar Greece

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